Hi! My name is Laura. I’m a content writer, founder of Beyond The Boutique, and passionate about microbusinesses.

Born in Wyoming, raised in Colorado, ventured to NW Arkansas for awhile, then the call of the mountains brought me back to my roots, Colorado.

Me (in black) with my sister at the opening of my first “traveling boutique”, Urban Cowgirl.

Mom to a teenage son with Aspergers, and stepmom to a creative, beautiful woman with a fabulous graphic design business. I am so proud of them. My husband is my biggest fan.

I love reading, being a mom, journaling, kayaking, blogging, and going out to coffee with my friends.

My professional background is in product management, concept design, and retail.

In 2009, I started a retail business with $500 and no idea what I was doing.

Beginning at craft fairs and art shows, I eventually opened a women’s western boutique in 2012. After lots of hard lessons and too much time away from my family, including trying to juggle homeschooling while running a business, I decided to close my boutique the beginning of 2016 to pursue something less “intrusive”.

I’ve always loved writing, so when the opportunity arose to write for other people I jumped on it! Now I am a freelance writer for small businesses and even had my first article published in a local magazine within a few months.  In addition, I continue to blog about topics relevant to micro businesses.

I’ve found my niche and am loving it!

If you need help writing a blog or setting one up – give me a shout. If you are a micro business owner and could benefit from tips and resources specific to a small, owner-run business, let’s connect twice a month through my BEYOND THE BOUTIQUE newsletter.

Here’s to your success!


p.s. Enjoy life topics that go a little deeper? LivingFree.blog is where I bare my soul and talk about my journey as a Believer in Christ and anything else on my mind. I’d be honored to have you join me there!