Breakfast Ruminations

Beautiful People, Beautiful Places

It’s no secret that Colorado boasts some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The Rocky Mountains never cease to take our breath away. But here in Southern Colorado, where the days are little slower, the sky is bluer, the sun is a little brighter, the mountains are so close their shadow swallows you up in the afternoon, and the smell of pine welcomes you in the morning – here, it is home to talented and unassuming artists, entrepreneurs, teachers, athletes, ministries, and organizations. People who transform and create such a culture in our area as to continually attract tourists and residents alike. It’s a place where community thrives.

Our vision is to tell the stories of the people and landscapes that are the makeup of the gold-colored plains and foothills that surround America’s Mountain. The “Beyond The Boutique” link on our homepage will allow you to get an inside look at local businesses, and the Gallery features photographers in our region who have an eye to capture the indescribable vantageΒ of our mountains and prairies.

Let us introduce you to remarkable people and breathtaking places.


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