Enjoying The Hunt For Silver

Moments like this are why I love having a boutique.

Rick Richardson, designer of fine, silver jewelry
Rick Richardson, designer of fine, silver jewelry with our happy customers!

An opera singer and her husband were in town for a quick vacation before heading over to Europe to sing. She fell in love with our store. While she was here I also happened to have one of my vendors visiting from Santa Fe.  He designs the most amazing jewelry.  He gives his designs to 7 different Native American artisans and they interpret his designs and create masterpieces – all by hand.  No machine work.  The result is stunning, high quality, one-of-a-kind, sterling silver jewelry that are just dreamy to look at.  Not to mention make you feel like a million bucks when you put them on.

That’s what happened to this guest.  Rick and I were tucked away in the back looking at new pieces of jewelry for the shop.  I invited her over to take a peek.  She walked over and in one glance she transformed from a sophisticated woman to a giddy girl on Christmas Day!

Her husband had as much enjoyment in watching his wife’s eyes light up as she did in digging through the treasures.  Then she found it.  A pair of Morenci turquoise drop earrings.  They were made for her.  Stunning with her short, red hair.  But now she wanted a matching piece.  So we dug through 5 or 6 duffel bags of jewelry and as soon as Rick pulled it out we knew we had found the perfect piece.  A pendant that looked like it was made for those earrings.

She left so enthused and excited. While I was certainly appreciative of her purchase, it was so much fun to help her hunt for not just jewelry, but something that reflected her personality.  It was something that was going on stage with her.  It completed her look and made her feel stunning and even more beautiful than she already was. Plus she was personally able to meet the designer and have him sign each of her pieces!  Wow. What a treat. I was so glad we could offer her that kind of service.

And that’s the kind of service Rick offers me.   This is what makes small business so beautiful and unique.  It goes way beyond the products and involves relationships and stories.

So many of our products are handcrafted by individuals or very small businesses.  I am very proud of that.

Here are some of the pieces I picked up from Rick.  I don’t have proper images yet. I snapped these with my phone as I was picking them out. 

Sterling Silver cuff with 5 large turquoise stones
Sterling Silver cuff with 5 large turquoise stones
The hand-stamped work on these earrings are amazing.
The hand-stamped work on these earrings are amazing.


Designed after pottery shards and accented with Morenci turquoise
Designed after pottery shards and accented with Morenci turquoise

And finally, the piece that made me put my tray of jewelry selections back because I wanted this above everything else.  I can’t wait to show you a proper photo instead of it on my work calendar.  Background info:  Rick is also an archeologist.  He designed this necklace after thousands’ years old pottery pieces.  Each shard is extremely detailed in it’s work.  All hand done.  You may even see this exact piece in a popular magazine this holiday season!

Only 1 of these has been made.
Only 1 of these has been made.

>>> Want to meet Rick in person and have us help you choose your perfect Native American jewelry??  He will be back in our store for a trunk show this Fall!  Stay connected with us here:

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