Morning Clouds On The Mountains

Morning Clouds On The Mountains

Today, as I look out my window, there is such a grand scene before me. A once tall mountain has been significantly reduced in size by the heavy morning clouds. Like a fluffy, white down comforter laying heaving on the mountains; the rocky terrain hugging the comforter and even snuggling underneath a little deeper as if to say, “just a few more minutes!”.

The clouds abruptly end at the edge of the mountain range – beyond which a pretty blue sky sparkles in the early morning air. Vibrant and crisp. Ready to announce a new day.

The rising sun catches the eastern-most point of the mountain, the rock shining brilliantly like the bow of a great ship heading into the sun. The rest of the mountain is still cast in the cool purple shadows of the fleeing evening darkness.

Below the clouds, which are reluctant to move out this morning, the scene is void of the expected fog or mist. Rather it is clear, sharp, and crisp with the vibrant colors of green, blue, and the yellow of early fall.

A dusting of sunlight is just starting to reach the top of a narrow row of trees.

It’s as if one single sunbeam reached out for a morning kiss.

Just above the blanket of clouds, an iridescent blue can barely be perceived. Like the glow of a magical brew masked by swirling smoke. Just when I think the baby blue sky is going to poke through, the clouds quickly close the gap and the mountain again dashes away under the protective cover of its night-time comfort.

A sleeping giant rolling over and wishing for a little delay in the full-on break of day.



Here is the inspiration for today’s writing. I’m not the best photographer, so capturing the detail and depth of the beauty is difficult. Why not use this as a writing prompt for yourself and see what you come up with. We all see and describe things differently. If you feel so led…share it with me! I’d love to see this image through your eyes!



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