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Hey there! I’m Laura and I support the people behind microbusiness (or the self-employed, solopreneur, mompreneur, etc.) The smallest businesses in the country represent 75% of ALL business entities in the U.S.! (www.sba.gov) However, most people consider us too small budget-wise to give us much attention. When I first started in business I was hard-pressed finding resources that were relevant or affordable for my tiny business. As a result, I decided to become the very thing I needed.

I LOVE microbusiness!! Creative, passionate folks like you are the driving force for new and exciting ideas. Yet, sometimes we all need a little help in learning how to market and turn our passions into a growing, thriving pursuit.

That’s where I come in…I’m here to support the people behind microbusiness AND to connect you with other micro business owners. My ultimate goal is to see you grow beyond my capacity to help – to where YOU become the mentor and teacher for other business owners.

Most of the information I provide is free, especially if you are signed up for my Microbusiness email that goes out twice a month. Additionally, I offer Private Client Mentoring and various professional services. Please see my links above for more information.

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