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I often wonder what makes people stop to browse websites and read blog posts. You know, the “X” factor. That intangible something that connects people to words on a page.

Hopefully, you’ll find something relatable here.

Instead of feeling pressure to come up with something really profound, I decided I simply wanted to share my life, thoughts, successes, and failures with you.

  • I like to write. Blogs, articles, SEO copywriting. I like it.
  • Recently I started a group of Kingdom Business Women
  • My husband and I dabble with restoring vintage typewriters.
  • My deepest desire is to study God’s Word, meditating on it and going deep into intimacy with Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit.
  • Eating healthy gets me excited, but so does a bag of Lays®️ potato chips.
  • I enjoy kayaking and soaking in the view of Table Rock Lake from my deck.
  • My family always, always, always comes first so my businesses often seem to take a back seat to taxi mom and other family duties.
  • There are days I wonder if I’m making a difference in this world or just spinning my wheels.
  • Mr. Darcy, Anne (with an e), Tuscany…
  • Summertime: bing cherries, long walks, ice cream
  • I believe that being small is sometimes better. That success is measured in many different ways.
  • Recently traded in a deeply rooted life in Colorado for a new start in the Ozarks. (We’re still wondering why God called us here.)

Speaking of…I’m glad you’re here.

I hope you stick around and you find something that your spirit or soul connects with.

(Want to know more about my microbiz? Click here.)

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