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A Beautiful Life

November 10, 2014

In the mornings it is my goal to take time to sit and read God’s Word and meditate/pray.  Doesn’t always happen but I am making more of an effort to make sure it does.  I need that time.  I need God to fill me and prepare me for the day.

Today was short, but sometimes that’s all it takes.   As I was reading, praying, and writing this thought for the day came and I wanted to share it with you:



It’s nothing new but if we really think about it and ponder it we can learn a lot about ourselves.  Is my life beautiful?  If not then what about it could change?  What I have been speaking out of my mouth regarding  particular areas of my life that are not all that beautiful?  Hmmmm.  Not so wonderful?  Well, then, what do I believe in my heart about that certain person or subject?  Now, how do I change what is in my heart so that I can speak life into that area so that I can transform my life? One thought at a time….

Here’s to a beautiful life!