Good morning! Sunday mornings are my favorite. A time to worship, enjoy a special breakfast with my husband, or to relax, sip coffee and stare out my patio doors overlooking the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Sometimes my Breakfast Ruminations are serious, thought-provoking, or, like today, just dreaming. This morning, while sipping my coffee and browsing articles, I saw an image of sweet bistro kitchen and it immediately reminded me of a little, or rather a big dream I have tucked away…to have a Farmhouse.

Not just any farmhouse (well, I wouldn’t complain if someone gave me one!) but a modern take on a vintage, European style farmhouse. A mixture of styles but all homey, uncomplicated, and inviting. This French bistro kitchen shown below captures the style I love. Nice, but not ostentatious. A place where you feel like it’s a bit of a dream and you don’t ever want to leave. Like you belong there – and always have.

The Relaxed Nature of the French

I’ve always been drawn to French-styled anything. The delicate, lovely touches in every tiny detail. Subtle blues, white, greys. Hints of gold and sparkling crystals. So pretty! Yet I also love that the French style can be defined not only by the opulent but also by the casual. The relaxed nature reflected in an outdoor bistro-style so conducive to intimate relationships.

That’s what I hunger for. A lovely place with an open door to conversations and friendships. A place of rest, healing, laughter, and tears of restoration.

In my mind, I have visions of lovely gardens out the window, picturesque and expansive views of surrounding landscapes and peaceful walking paths starting from the dark front door with vintage metal accents that open to adventurous trails leading guests on an exploration of the sounds of nature – and where they can encounter the presence of the Lord.

When I think of the French, I think of quiet days, picnics, and rest. I would love my Farmhouse to be a place to come away and be cut off from the busy culture of society.

It’s Fun To Dream And Even Better to Realize It

farmhouse vision board
This has been on my vision board all year.

This is the first year I have done a Vision Board. I’m still learning how to turn goals and dreams into a reality, but I have learned that as I keep it in front of my eyes and thank God for the dreams that He has placed in my heart, it comes closer to a reality. I build on my vision, make it more detailed, and then speak life into it. Every day I can see it more clearly than the day before.

Dreams start as a far-away, faint hope that become a possibility and then develop into reality.

At the beginning of this year, my French Bistro Farmhouse was nothing more than a silly idea I pulled out of the depths of my heart. It is exciting to dig for dreams long buried in our hearts, dust them off, and breath a spark of life into them. How invigorating! Now I know that it is a very real possibility and since I know where I want to go, I can take the steps toward that which I want to accomplish.

When we focus on our dreams, our needs are automatically taken care of.

I Can See It

So as I’m sitting on my couch, under my favorite blanket and my dog curled up at my feet, I’m writing, dreaming, and sipping my morning coffee. I can clearly see myself sitting in that beautiful little kitchen, imagining the friends walking in my back door, and the wonderful conversations that will be taking place.

Faith is seeing and taking hold of that which has yet to happen in the natural.

I can see it! I can smell the aromas of tea, coffee, and baked goodies and can feel the hugs of happy hearts. In my mind, I observe the smiles on the faces of the guests – not only on their lips but in their eyes, and I can sense the release of stress and worries. Each person who sits at my table is able to allow the peace of God and the healing salve of friendship massage their minds and spirits. That is my joy. My goal. What I work toward every day.

What are you dreaming of? How is what you are doing day-to-day helping you achieve your dreams and goals? Can you SEE it?!