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Social Platform Pressure

March 3, 2019
african america women looking at smart phone

Building a social platform for business. Ugh. Every day I beat myself up for not having a more consistent or visible presence on some sort of social platform. You and I hear it from every source, “find your social platform to grow business”. And that’s true, but… We get in our heads that our platform […]

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Branding | Micro Business

How to answer the question: What Do You Do?

September 24, 2018
networking group of entrepreneurs

Have you ever experienced this: you’re at a networking group. It’s time for the intros and every business owner is to stand up and quickly share their name and what they do. Ugh. You dread this for two reasons: Some people ramble on & on and spend 10 minutes pitching their products or service while everyone […]

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