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50 And Still Waiting To Do What I Want…

October 18, 2020
typewriter desk

I turned 50 this year and wow, what a year! It’s been crazy and fantastic at the same time for our family. So much has changed, yet so much hasn’t. With all the drama of 2020, it’s been forever since I touched this site and tried to write something relevant on this digital page. The […]

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Painting Pictures With Words

September 25, 2017
painting pictures with words

I’ve always admired those with the ability to pick up a brush and recreate the beauty of the world before them. To have what you see with your eyes interpreted and reflected through one’s hands. Even more impressive are the talented men and women who can seamlessly create the same image…with words. MASTER OF WORDS […]

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Morning Clouds On The Mountains

morning clouds

Today, as I look out my window, there is such a grand scene before me. A once tall mountain has been significantly reduced in size by the heavy morning clouds. Like a fluffy, white down comforter laying heaving on the mountains; the rocky terrain hugging the comforter and even snuggling underneath a little deeper as […]

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