Micro Business

Celebrate Where You Are In Your Business

February 16, 2018
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Sometimes, when you are a sole proprietor, just starting out in business, or you just happen to have a small operation Рit is easy to be overlooked or even looked down upon. Not too long ago I was at a networking event. As a group of us were chatting and sharing our professions, I mentioned that I worked with microbusinesses. A comment was made that there was no money to be made in doing business with solopreneurs and the smallest of the businesses.

Such a comment only reinforced what I do.

This has happened more than once. You see, while most microbusinesses are missing large budgets, they are not short on vision, talent, and hutzpa! Microbusinesses and solopreneurs may not be able to pay the big bucks – at first – for the talent and help they need, but at least they had the courage to start their dream.


When I used to own my little boutique, I found it hard finding the help I needed…that I could afford. I often was embarrassed that I didn’t have a big budget and some marketers would come in my door and seemed shocked I couldn’t afford $100 or $200 a month for their ads.

No one needs to know your budget. Be proud of where you are! You have stepped out into a place where most people dream or talk about, but haven’t taken the risks you have taken. Your determination and risk will be rewarding. Even if the current venture you are in doesn’t work out, it is only part of the learning process that will lead you to the point of launching you into your wildest dreams.


Every morning, as I unlocked the door to my store and walked in my beautifully designed storefront, I would stand there for a moment in awe. I’d look around and realize that I never thought I would one day own my own store. It was so pretty and I loved all the products! However, I allowed discouragement to overshadow the blessing of how far I had come because I would compare myself to other businesses who had been around much longer than I had.

There were many nights I couldn’t even sleep.

Eventually, I doubted myself enough I didn’t think I could do it any longer and the stress I put on myself (and family needs) forced me to close. However, it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had – and closing the store was the best choice I could make. While it felt like failure at the time, I have no regrets.

Now, I’m in total awe at where I have come from.

Starting a business is NOTHING to sneeze at! As my new venture is taking root, growing, and I’m seeing the fruit of all the years of experiences, I have learned a huge lesson that someone tried to tell me in my boutique days:

1) Be grateful for today’s blessings and 2) Be REALLY proud of where I am RIGHT NOW.

These two attitudes are the foundation for massive growth in my business and personal life, and it keeps stress a stranger.


It is good to remind ourselves of how far we have come!

Think about your life before you set out to be your own boss. Celebrate the progress made! Don’t EVER think about how far you have to go. If you are doing your business right, you will never “reach your goal” because your goal and your vision should always be growing with you.

So take a moment to be proud of where you are today. It may not be as far as you would like, but celebrate the progress!

Let’s not miss the opportunities and blessings of today because we are stressed about what may or may not happen tomorrow.