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COFFEE TALK: Getting out of a funk.

June 25, 2019

Most of my favorite conversations with the Father are in the morning over coffee. As I worship and wait on Him, He never fails to talk to me. This morning, our coffee talk dove deep into Psalm 103:1-5. It’s such a familiar passage that I almost missed a great conversation this morning.

Let me back up a bit. Earlier in the morning and even last night, I was hit with thoughts about how terrible my business is going at the moment. I went from having a very full schedule in April and May to nada.

It’s been over a month with only a trickle of work.

It’s easy to get into a funk when the bank balance and work opportunities seem to be stuck on empty.

Inadvertently, I was feeling sorry for myself, questioning if I had any skill or talent whatsoever, if I was missing God’s will,, and on and on…

As it would happen, during my morning coffee talk with the Father, I read out loud Psalm 103:1-5 (I get the most out of the Word of God when I read it out loud or sing it).

“Bless the Lord, O my soul”

I started to blow right past this first verse. It’s one I hear so often but have never slowed down enough to chew on it. I kept repeating that phrase until…OH!

David was setting himself straight. He’s telling himself: Hey, you. Yes, you, my own soul, get out of yourself and bless the Lord!

Oh, such encouragement in those words by David (who I’m sure is my soul brother).

We already know that David was a drama King. He struggled with depression. One minute the world was ending and he wanted to die, the next minute he was dancing with praise before the Lord. He was a completely relatable, normal human being. I love him so much because he was unashamedly transparent about everything. He didn’t hide his inner thoughts and struggles but broadcast it to the world – along with how victorious he was in praising God and setting his hope on Him in the midst of emotional and physical turmoil.

I admire that.

This morning I felt like an utter failure. I’m not bringing any income. No one wants to pay me for my skills. I’m just spinning my wheels. I’ve messed up. Yada, yada, yada…


David continued by telling his soul to remember all that God had done for him:

“Forget not His benefits”

Yep. Looks like I was whining instead of remembering how good He’s been to me.

David even tells himself how to remember the benefit package God gives to those who work with Him. (I love how David talks to himself. And God’s the best “employer”/Father evaaah.)


Remember, soul, all the amazing things God has done:

  1. For me, He has forgiven me of all my whining and complaining. Rescued me when I was a prideful, gossiping, unforgiving, self-righteous “B”.
  2. He heals ALL my diseases. I’ve already been healed from severe knee pain due to a lack of cartilage, plantar fasciitis, a bad skiing accident, depression, deep emotional pain…and He’s currently healing my eyes, my feet, my thyroid – there’s no exception. He heals all my diseases! Wow.
  3. God truly redeemed my life from a very dark pit by opening my eyes so I could see, ears so I could hear, and giving me heart revelation through Holy Spirit. He answered my prayer as a young girl for a pure heart (a bit messy, but a steadfast heart, nonetheless).
  4. He places on MY head a crown of love that is firm and lasts forever and slathers me with mercy!
  5. I AM satisfied with good. Because HE IS good. And my youth is renewed day by day! (getting younger, folks! Living longer is AWESOME.)

As I paced along my deck overlooking the lake, which was shrouded in a thick fog, I sang out loud, over and over: bless the Lord, O my soul! No need to get in a funk today. I have so much to be grateful for. My business is His. I can’t force it to happen. The best thing I can do is be a partner with God in what He is doing today.

I reminded my finicky, grumbling soul to BLESS the Lord because He HAS given me many, many benefits. I am so completely blessed!

Good coffee talk today, God. Thanks.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I bless my business, I bless your business. The next time we get in a funk, pull out Psalm 103 and sing out those first 5 verses. Who cares if it's in tune or sounds good. Just tell your soul to bless the Lord and remember His goodness to us! Run the Funk away. 😆

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