I love to write. I’m probably one of those few people who think everything is interesting. From fashion, real estate, business topics, or how to watch paint dry or grass grow – there’s something intriguing about anything! My copywriting services take on a broad range, though I particularly enjoy anything that involves telling a story.

My writing style tends toward conversational and relaxed, yet informative.


The biggest mistakes I see in web copy are:

  1. What I call Vanilla Copy
  2. Writing to impress other professionals

Copywriting should engage and connect with your clients or customers. They don’t want to hear how great you think you are, rather, they simply want to know you if you “get” them and can deliver what they need.


Basically, they want to know one thing: “how can you improve my life/business?”.


In order to answer that question effectively through copywriting, it’s advantageous to have a marketing background that can ascertain the needs, wants, and style of your ideal customer.

One of my strengths is being able to easily step into the shoes of the target reader and write as if I’m talking to them from across the table, addressing their needs, wants, questions, and concerns. A skill I learned after years of marketing experience and over 15 years of entrepreneurship.

(Want help identifying your Ideal Representative Customer? I offer mentoring/coaching services, as well.)


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Ghostwriting is when a person writing content does so on behalf of someone else. It’s commonly associated with public figures who hire someone else to write a book under their name.

However, ghostwriting is also used for blogs and articles as well.

I enjoy writing articles or blogs any chance I can get – whether as a ghostwriter or a guest writer.


The purpose of a blog is to provide information relevant to your industry and interesting to your Ideal Representative Client. A blog can be informative, fun, and inspirational. It’s an entry point to your business and a way to establish yourself as an expert in your field.

I’ll help you brainstorm blog topics, create an action plan, and write content to keep your blog up-to-date.

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Content is key for any business. Whether you’re looking for web copy, articles for magazines, or online publications, I offer content writing at competitive rates.

The perspective of the reader stays on the forefront of my mind as I write. It’s important to understand what they want to hear and speak their language. I mentally put myself in their shoes as I’m composing content.


While many projects are priced based on the unique needs of each client, here are a few basic rates and guidelines for my copywriting services.


  • Articles and other content: $.30/word – as submitted – with a 1000 word minimum.



  • SHORT BLOG ( 300 – 600 words):  $75
  • MEDIUM BLOG (600 – 1000 words): $90
  • LONG BLOG (1000 – 1500 words): $120
  • 1500+ words are billed at the article rate of $.30/word.

Client is responsible for providing images unless other arrangements are made.

  • BLOG DISCOUNTS: I offer a discount for clients who use my blogging services on a regular basis. Contact me at 719-963-6606 or if this is an option you are interested in.

Surcharges for extensive research, interviews, or travel expenses may apply.

Payment is required at the time of submission of all copywriting services. Invoices are sent via email.

What can I write for you today?