My husband put up a hammock for me a few weeks ago on our tiny condo patio.   Our patio may be small but our view is stunning.  This morning I grabbed my blanket and spent an hour “waking up” in the hammock. There is something about swinging.  It’s calming.  It gets me thinking.  Swinging. Thinking. Daydreaming. Staring at the mountains.


I met a dove this morning. He was watching me swing on the hammock.  Even now as I type I’m back on the hammock and he flew back to his perch and is watching.  Now there are two.  It’s these simple things that I am learning to love again.  To enjoy life like a child.  Bask in the awe of every little thing.  Grateful for moments like this.


Last week I realized how burned out I had become in my business.  Since starting in August 2009 (exactly 5 years ago), I have not taken much of a break.  Working all day, 6 days a week.  I was doing what I needed to do.  Recently I’ve been able to step away a bit and find more time to enjoy life and enjoy family.  Then last week I forgot that both my employees were going to be out of town for the weekend.  That meant I had to go in to the store and be on the floor for two extra days that I wasn’t planning on.  I couldn’t do it.  Physically and emotionally I could not drum up the energy I needed to go in to the store.  So I put up a sign and closed for a day.

I lost several hundreds of dollars in sales by closing and didn’t meet my weekly budget because of it. Bummer.  But have you ever eaten so much of something you loved and there is still more on the plate but then you get to that one bite when you lift your fork to your mouth and stop because you know if it goes in it won’t be a good thing.  Yea. That’s what it felt like last week.  Here was something I loved and had worked so hard for but I felt like if I stepped in that door I’d hate it.

So I had to walk away for that day.  The next day I went in and was fine but I felt it.  I felt the weariness of working so hard and knowing you need a break in order to keep going.

Today I’m enjoying a break but falling in love with my business all over again at the same time.


Do you need to step away for a moment so that you can fall in love with your job or business again?  Find that passion for what you do all over again!

Don’t sacrifice YOU for your DO.