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4 Questions For The Entrepreneurial Survivor

January 9, 2018
entrepreneurial survivor

Conducting business in 2018 is so different than it was just 10 years ago. How could anyone possibly predict that a little website to connect old friends would turn into a monstrosity and literally change the world and set the stage for a completely different way of thinking and doing business? And how do we navigate this ever-changing new world and emerge as an entrepreneurial survivor?

If you’re over 40, the idea of using social media to market and conduct business still is difficult to wrap your head around at times. Once you think you might have the hang of it, something new pops up or the platforms are changing their algorithms and rules of engagement….again.

Not to mention trying to figuring what kind of posts are relevant and interesting or popular. It’s enough to want to pull your hair out!


I was never popular growing up. I didn’t fit into any category of kids until one day a disc jockey poignantly announced over the airwaves that there were a few kids no one ever identified. They don’t really fit anywhere: The Nobodys.

Ouch. Yea. That was me.

So when I watch everyone competing for social stardom in order to promote their business, my initial reaction is to go the other way. I have no desire to pretend to be someone I am not. While it is critical to develop solid contacts and a positive reputation in the social media world, I don’t think it is necessary to check yourself at the door. I admire the social superstars and the amount of work they put into promoting themselves and their businesses.


The key to social media is engagement. You know, people liking, commenting, and sharing your information. When you are someone like me who usually doesn’t draw a crowd, it can seem like crickets on your social media accounts. That is when desperation sets in and we try to impress and be someone we are not.

When I’m tempted to behave in that way, I step back for a moment and think about what drives me in my business.

For me, erasing the statistic that only 18% of first-time startups will succeed is my goal.  Helping an individual or family solidify their business foundation so that they stay in business for the long-haul is my desire. I can’t make people apply the principles I teach or beg them to engage with me on social media. I want people to succeed, but they need to want it more than I do.

However, if our potential clients don’t seem to want or appreciate the services we offer them, we must be willing to ask ourselves some tough questions if we are to survive.


The tendency is to become frustrated, critical, or annoyed that people don’t see the value in what we offer. Whether it is a product or service. To be honest, that is prideful. I’m not pointing fingers except at myself. What I have learned, though, is I can ask myself a few questions to find out why my potential customer is not wholeheartedly connecting with me. And it takes a little humility and motive-searching.

  1. What can I do differently?
  2. What does my target market really want? Do they want what I’m offering?
  3. Is there something in my thinking or believing that is wrong or needs to be corrected? Or am I coming across in a way that subconsciously is keeping people away?
  4. Am I where I’m supposed to be?

Honestly, those are questions to ask ourselves in everything when we are not seeing the results we want. Whether it is relationships, personal/spiritual growth, business, parenting….anything. Our results always start with us and our motives, beliefs, and thinking. Of those questions listed, THE MOST IMPORTANT one is asking ourselves what is in our thinking or believing that is holding us back. That’s where coaching, mentoring, reading, learning will help us in changing how we think to break into the next level.


To answer our questions in the purest way possible, I’ve learned we have to genuinely love the people we are marketing our business to. We must put ourselves in their shoes and think how they are thinking. If you were them, what would draw you to your business?

If something isn’t going well in our business, it is never someone else’s fault or the fault of a circumstance. Our first inclination is to blame someone or something. Yet, no matter what happens, even in big disasters or terrible economies, some businesses fail and others rise to the top. There are ALWAYS survivors!

So even though social media may not be your strong point and it seems like you can’t seem to attract people to engage with your business – or the income or interest just isn’t where it needs to be to survive – whatever it is, don’t quit.

  • Ask yourself the questions above and be willing to get VERY honest.
  • Think through what it would be like to be the person you are marketing to.
  • Then, be yourself. Don’t try to be a social superstar…we already have plenty of them.
  • Finally, put on a survivor mentality. Do whatever it is going to take to stay in business. As soon as you make excuses or pass blame, you lose. Take ownership and figure it out. You can.

Remember, the ones that succeed are the ones who don’t quit. Be a survivor. Change your perspective and see yourself reaching your end game!



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