Have you ever taken time to sit under a tree and watch the bright yellow or red leaves fall against the pristine blue of the sky? It’s very calming and enjoyable.

Normally I am sad to see Summer leave but this year Fall has been especially sweet.  It sure doesn’t hurt that I have one of the most amazing views from my home.

I’m so grateful to live in the shadow of the majestic mountains of Colorado, and specifically of Pikes Peak, America’s Mountain.  I truly treasure this gift.

Fall colorsThe colors this fall are outstanding for Colorado (all the Midwestern, Southern, and New England states – I know we can never compare to your truly outstanding Fall Foliage!)

The last few weeks I’ve slowed way down to stop and enjoy some of these days.  I’m behind on work and home-school duties but you know, I’m always behind anyway.  Soon the snow will fall and the frenzy of Holiday shoppers will be upon me.  In preparation of the extra work I’m slowing down to take a few breaths, enjoy life around me and then put my nose to the grind once more.  But for today, since there are no roses left, I am stopping to watch the leaves fall.

Hoping you enjoy your day and that you, too, take the time to watch the leaves fall.


~  Laura