When people ask you where your favorite place in the world is, you might initially think of warm beaches and beautiful vistas. I admit that is where my mind initially drifts off to. However, I realized that my favorite place to be is right under my nose. There is nothing exciting about it. In fact, it is horribly boring. I can think of a thousand other places that might seem to make me happier, but honestly…what brings the biggest smile to my face and contentment to my heart is when I get to be a Taxi Mom.


mom watching son learn to drive

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a very old mobile trailer drinking the most god-awful coffee I’ve ever tasted. I was staring out a tiny window trying to see the little red car my son was driving on the Driver’s Ed course. The trailer was drab, the day was cold, and for two hours I got to sit and twiddle my thumbs. Occasionally, I would stand up and try to get a view of my son driving the car through the icy course (they were learning how to drive on slick roads).

It was a Sunday, and my son would usually be with my ex-husband. He was supposed to take him to the appointment. After all, it was on his side of town, literally next door to their church, and my son would already be with them. However, there was some reason why my ex didn’t want to take him. There always is. However, I never complain when my ex can’t be bothered with doing the menial tasks for my son such as taking him to appointments, parties, or whatever. In fact, I’m usually glad. It gives me another minute of time with my son. The reality is that the time for when my son won’t need me anymore is approaching so fast that I’d love to stop that train for a few more years. So I’ll take every second I can get with him.


As I stood there watching my son drive through the fog, I felt a huge surge of happiness. There was no other place I would rather be. My favorite place in the world is doing whatever it takes to grow my son up into an independent, happy, healthy and confident man. I consider it a huge BLESSING to be able to take him to driving lessons, wait two hours in a dark parking lot for him to get back from working on the top of Pikes Peak, drive back and forth incessantly from school to afterschool activities, and even responding to calls to come pick up his backpack so he can go hang out with friends or bring him a homework assignment he left on the floor.

Every time we are in the car we have the best conversations. It’s when we are doing boring things that we talk about life. I impart to him everything I wish I knew when I was his age (well, heck, even now!). I tell him how amazing he is and ask him to tell me dreams. He tells me about playing video games (and I have no idea what he’s talking about) but I listen anyway. I don’t get it, but he loves it. His interests are completely different than mine and I’ll be honest, I tune him out sometimes. But if I catch myself, I quickly tell myself that there will be a day when I wish we could have more of these uninteresting talks.


I think of how blessed I am and have been as a taxi mom and to put “my” dreams and desires on hold for this little man. Actually, he IS my dream. To see him grow up to be an amazing person who loves God…THIS is my dream fulfilled. Investing every boring moment, late night comforts, cries, and hard talks. In each of those moments, I was planting a seed of greatness in him. Even while trying to run businesses throughout the years, which I always laid down because they always played second fiddle to my role as mom.

I gave up NOTHING to be his mom.

So I’ll leave the beach, mountain vistas, spa days, or whatever else seems enticing to me to sit in a cold car or a dreary old trailer any day to be there for my son because these days are quickly fading away. And the next time I blink, there will be an empty room in my house and no errands to run for him. For now, I’ll drop everything to have a part in these mundane life events and I truly feel sorry for those who can’t be bothered with such moments. They have missed out on the richest moments of life.