I love what I do.

I enjoy watching people succeed in their pursuits and helping them in any little way that I can. Even if it’s as tiny as a listening ear. Writing blog posts or articles is a huge outlet for me and when I do it for others, it opens doors to new topics I otherwise wouldn’t be exposed to.

Learning and growing professionally gives me a sense of accomplishment and feeds my innate desire to rush out and teach everyone that will listen all the great material I’ve learned.

I feed off of ideas flying through my head that seemingly have no end.

But most of all, I love having a business that “fits” me and allows my creativity to flow. A place where my right and left brain converge. It is so satisfying to be able to use the analytical side of me and the free-spirit, idea-machine of my other side to come into a convergence that, hopefully, marries into a beneficial and profit-making endeavor.

But I confess…there are days that I question everything. Where I feel sucker-punched by circumstances and an ice-cold, in-your-face reality check.


I suppose that is the nature of entrepreneurship. Some days you’re flying high, looking at what is on the horizon and you can taste that next level. It’s so close, you feel like all you need to do is take a little step and you’ve “arrived” at where you always wanted to be.

Then you wake up one morning, setbacks have stalled the progress, and it feels like you are back on square one. No closer to reaching the goal than you were when you first started. We get up, try again, and once again, get close to our next breakthrough then WHAM! Another sucker-punch that sends us reeling, falling hard on our backside.

It’s the realization that you’ve been pouring out your heart and soul, working hard and sharing, and it hits you that the only one paying attention is you. The only contact requests are from those who want to point out errors on your website or sell you something. Or the only requests for work are from those who want to trade services – which doesn’t help pay the bills.

It’s this circle of “MOTS” (more of the same) and some days you think you’ve broken the hold of that nasty disease, only to find out that, again, it has allowed you to go only so far before cruelly blind-siding you when you thought you had stepped out of that ridiculous cycle.


I confess, today is one of those days where I feel sucker-punched. Unexpected health issues have brought me to a screeching halt. A raw look at numbers and lack of necessary landmarks that show interest in my future projects have knocked to me my knees in an unpleasant dose of reality. And I’m not going to lie – it certainly popped my bubble and made me start to question everything I’m doing.

But here’s the thing…

Sucker-punched or not, in order to break the chain of the “MOTS” cycle, I know I am standing at a critical precipice. This is where self-sabotage can send me backward or humility and tenacity (with some careful and wise decisions) can propel me forward and finally break the cycle.

The question is, am I going to believe the old self-talk that is buzzing through my ears? The talk that tells me I’m stuck and will never amount to much and might as well back-off and give up because no one is paying any attention or what’s there to offer that’s of any value.

I can listen to these thoughts or am I going to SHUT IT DOWN for good, press forward and get focused?


The battle is on, not just for me, but also for you. Are we going to push forward into the calling and purposes that God has for us or are we going to give up every time we land on our butts after a square sucker-punch?

It’s going to happen. There are days when everything is pulled out from under us, it looks like all our work is unraveling and we feel like there is nothing left to do but hang our head in defeat and stay down on our back-ends.

Entrepreneurship (or any life goal/purpose, for family, health, etc.) is not for the faint of heart. It is for warriors! Today, this warrior-woman is in the midst of a battle, and I was so tempted to raise the flag of surrender earlier, but something inside is me is screaming, “GET UP! FIGHT!”.

Do you need to get up and fight for your dream today? If not today, one day you will need to tell yourself to “GET UP! FIGHT!”