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Go Ahead…Tell Me I Can’t

January 28, 2018
toy car in mud. motivation

I am hard-pressed to find something that motivates me. For over a decade, I was a part of various direct-selling organizations and I always rolled my eyes when a new contest was announced intended to generate motivation for bigger sales. Sure it would be great to go on a trip, but it didn’t motivate me. My sister, on the other hand, and her husband LOVED any contest. They were highly motivated and earned many trips between the two of them in their various endeavors. I was always very happy for them but I didn’t feel a twinge of jealousy. I do what I do because I love it. However, tell me I can’t do something and a little switch goes off in my head.

You’re Not Good Enough

Finding what motivates us is good. Motivation helps pull us out of the muck when we’re stuck. And just like any other adventure, there will be a few potholes and muddy places along the way. That doesn’t mean that we are on the wrong road or incapable of reaching our goals or continuing in our pursuits; it simply IS part of the journey. Motivation is like that friend with a jacked-up 4WD that comes along and pulls us out of our stuck places.

When I hear a message of “you can’t” or some other comment that is sugar-coated to insinuate unbelief in my ability or they don’t think I’m qualified…what I hear is “you’re not good enough”.

In the past, I would take that in, believe it and usually quit straight-out or fade away into self-pity. However, now it is my biggest motivation. Such attitudes catapult me to the next level because, for me, it is an indicator that I am going in the right direction. Instead of slowing down, I pick up speed.

See Beyond

Having accountability and good feedback is necessary for all of us, no matter where we are in life. But such feedback must come from trusted sources who believe in you more than you believe in yourself. The need to have the ability to see you not where you are at the moment or who you were in the past, but see all that God has made you to be. Their feedback can be trusted so when you do get off track, they don’t communicate that you CAN’T do something…instead, they are communicating you’ve moved away from the ideal direction.

[Think of someone right now that can be that to you.]

Hear me – it is NEVER about ability. You can do anything. Sometimes we need to develop our skills to get to that point, but the instant someone hints that you are not able to do something – remember that they are most likely projecting their own insecurities on to you. If a 5-year-old told me they wanted to be President, it is true that they couldn’t do it….at that moment. However, I’d speak life into their dream and help them develop the skills and maturity they would need to become a world leader.

Stop looking at yourself today or remember who you were yesterday, and ignore those who keep you stuck. Instead, look at the dreams God has put on your heart and embrace them. Don’t put limits on yourself (or let others put limits on you).

If I already had the ability to do what I’m working so hard to accomplish…I wouldn’t be challenging myself. That would be like staying in a minimum-wage job my entire life. Who wants that?

But building my business, reaching my goals is a process. Every day I am developing new skills and building on experiences to become really awesome at what I do – and then pushing on to new goals!

Motivation is desperately needed to wake me up when I start getting cozy at where I am. Comfort inhibits growth. Motivation is something that pulls the rug of our comfort zone out from underneath us so that we don’t fall asleep along the way!

I’ve had a lot of motivating moments recently. That tells me I’m getting comfortable and therefore need to kick it up a notch! (Plus, it tells me I’m on the right track).

How about you? What motivates you? Recognize motivation so that you don’t misinterpret it as an obstacle. It may appear like something that is holding you back, but in reality, it is the stepping stone or catapult to the next level!



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