Micro Business

Great, Abundant, Exceeding

January 5, 2014

On my last post I wrote that:

I had a huge paradigm shift in my head this year and it made all the difference in 2013 being a tragedy or a victory.  There is a fine line between the two – and that line has everything to do with us and not our circumstances.

That shift had everything to do with how I perceived everything in my life.  Being a store owner is so much harder than I ever expected.  I love my customers, I love finding great products; but making all of that run smoothly goes far beyond a desire, a passion, or even a dream or goal.

Every day I am faced with how I am going to handle these challenges.  Honestly I didn’t have the skills I needed to run a successful store.  However, what I DID have was determination and a willingness to learn.  Still, that wasn’t enough.  It has taken most of the year to realize that I was spending all my days focusing on the GOOD, BAD, AND UGLY of my business.  I was worrying about it.  Losing sleep over it and felt hopeless many days.  I needed a change in how I perceived my situation.  I needed a new attitude.

I surrounded myself with people who were successful – or pursuing success – in their respective fields.  I listened to tapes and read books on positive thinking.  I made time every morning to search God’s Word on renewing my mind.

Then one day it’s like all the pieces started falling together.  It hit me.  Instead of focusing on the not-so-great-stuff why not focus on the GREAT, ABUNDANT, & EXCEEDING?


  • Instead of seeing the bills that hadn’t been paid I looked at the bills that had been paid.
  • Instead of seeing all the “wrong” people (i.e. non-purchasing customers) walking through my door I focused on the ones who were/are delighted with my store – plus all the new friends I’ve made the last year or two since we’ve been open.
  • Instead of moaning that I won’t have a lot of “new” merchandise to take to my new store I realized I’ve got enough inventory to more than fill my new space so I don’t have to put out a bunch of money in a move to a new location.
  • Instead of not sleeping at night wondering how I’m going to generate income to pay bills I now marvel at the wonderful client base I have established and know I can utilize that to keep income flowing.
  • Instead of thinking that the last 4 years of my life have been a waste because I haven’t paid myself yet I can look at incredible skills I have learned on this path.  >>>>  These skills I have learned in and of themselves are worth more than I can put a price tag on!

If my business has survived fires, floods, and a horrid economy then the only path left is UP!  Relationships, skills, and a solid foundation for a business – WOW.  What a blessing!  No matter what circumstances may come this year I am EXPECTING that they will produce GREAT, ABUNDANT, EXCEEDING results!

That’s the difference between a tragedy and a victory.

Yours truly,

Laura (FYI – my name means “Victorious One”.  NOT a coincidence, I believe)