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Happy, Happy, Happy??

November 2, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy!!!   That’s what we all want to be.

My son absolutely loves Duck Dynasty and if there is anyone in my life that I believe is TRULY Happy, Happy, Happy it would be him.

My son as Uncle Si for Halloween.

He has always been that way.  A happy baby, never fussed and now, at 13, he rarely complains.  Part of that is due to his Asperger’s Syndrome.  Some might think that is a disability but I think it is an extra blessing.  I envy him at times.  He doesn’t get offended when I lose my temper or when people are rude to him because he doesn’t understand that.  He just pauses for a moment then shrugs his shoulders and off he goes to being happy all over again!

His happiness doesn’t come from having everything he wants or circumstances.  His happiness is adaptable.  His favorite thing to do is play Skylanders.  He would play it all day every day if he could get away with it.   However, this “mean” mom limits it significantly so when I make him stop playing he is initially disappointed but it takes about all of 10 seconds for him to move on and be happy doing something else.  ===>Now THERE is a lesson for all of us.

The rest of us throw temper tantrums like an undisciplined 2-year-old when life doesn’t go our way.  A business deal doesn’t work out or our spouse doesn’t respond to us the way we want so we go pout, cry, get angry, yell at our kids, or give our spouse the silent treatment.  Yea – we are all so mature.

I look at my son and I realize he is more mature than 90% of our nation’s population.  He is confident in who he is, he doesn’t let other people’s opinions of him alter his state of mind or confidence, and when something doesn’t go his way he lets it roll off his shoulders and he keeps enjoying life, not skipping a beat.

Running my own business, especially a retail store, provides daily opportunities for me to get frustrated and disappointed and I’m sorry to say that I have been pouting and crying like a big baby lately.  Today it hit me that I need to shake things off, move forward, and enjoy the journey.  Life is too short.  “Life” will still happen.  There will be good days at the store and there will be really, really bad days.  Why let the performance of my business (or your job, business, relationships) dictate the mood for the day?

There is a place to cry when you need to cry, be angry at injustice, but no need to camp out there.  Watching my son, his happiness comes from moving on from disappointments.  Are you around people who have camped out there and erected a monument to misery?  Move yourself.  It’s so easy to join in their mournful plight.  Is it a situation where you just can’t “move yourself”?  Then do your best to be a light in their dark world and don’t respond to their misery – they will certainly want your in their pity party.  You may have to be in their life but you don’t have to go to their party.

All that to say, I had my own pity party this week but I realized I didn’t want to be there anymore.  I’ve also learned what an inspiration my son is.  I could sure take a few lessons from him on how to be HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!

So proud of this little man!

  1. I’m so glad you’re son is such a happy chappie!
    My friends have an autistic son and he’s also very happy (most of the time!), especially now that he’s worked out how to play his favourite music on the computer.
    A lesson for us all here, indeed.

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