Hello Missouri

Hello Missouri: Lazy Mornings

June 27, 2019
table rock lake morning mist

While living in Colorado Springs, as soon as the sun rose, it seemed as if mornings took off like a cannon. It was run, run, run all day. Everything started early in the morning. Church, client meetings, coffee meetups – the entire city was up and buzzing around well before 8 am.

Missouri…well, it’s different.

The mornings come slowly here. The air isn’t energized with activity like it was in Colorado. Instead, Missouri is the slow-and-steady state. I was always in a hurry when I lived in Colorado. Now, I am really busy and my day is super full with renovation projects and errands, but I’m not in a hurry.

It’s as if Missouri gives you time to wake up and enjoy its mornings.

I love that.

Today, there’s a heavy fog rolling off the lake. It’s so thick it looks like cotton candy with springs of leaves poking out here and there.

The lake is so dramatic – in a very subtle way.

The fog makes you want to peer deeply into its depths to find the tiniest evidence that the smooth waters of Table Rock Lake are still there. Then, when it’s good-and-ready, the fog pulls back from either side, oh, so slowly. Gradually it reveals the treasured waters below but leaves just enough whispers of white along the waters for a breathtaking grand entrance.

summer morning fog over Table Rock Lake

When we were in the early stages of buying the home, I met the inspector one morning. As I walked in the house, the fog was just lifting off the lake. The inspector kept pointing things out about the house and finally I interrupted him and said, “I’m so sorry to interrupt. Just a minute. This is amazing.” And I stood for a moment in rapt attention.

Finally, I grabbed my phone and snap a pitiful picture of a view that only the most patient and talented of photographers could do any justice to.

That was the beginning of my love affair with the lake in the mornings.

Then there are mornings when the pink of the first light twinkles on the grey waters. So far, the morning waters are especially still. And so, just like everything else in Missouri, the lake slowly takes its time waking up in the morning.

Not much moves before 10 am.

It’s like nature is forcing you to slow down and prepare properly for the day, establishing a rhythm and pace that is unhurried but productive.

I like it here. I feel like I’ve been handed a gift of mornings. It’s as if Missouri demands it; there are wisdom and patience in these trees.

The mornings are for nature to show off and for God to say, “Drink deep before hurrying off to do.”