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Hide Your Crazy

September 19, 2014

What do you do to keep yourself from looking and acting like a crazy person at times?

I mean, am I the only one who pitches a fit, at least internally, when I don’t get my way?  Sometimes that fit leaks out and becomes very visible.  In the last 2.5 weeks not only did I fail to Hide My Crazy but I spewed it all over everyone around me.  So many people have put up with my crazy lately, but to be fair we all have those moments.  Mine just lasted a little longer than a moment!


Thankfully I always get to the point where I stop, breathe and take a look at my key chain (shown above) and tell myself to pull it together and act like a lady.

But how do you pull it together without just shoving those same emotions down inside only to have them either explode out at a very inconvenient time or implode on you and create havoc on your health?  As a business owner, parent, or someone who is juggling multiple responsibilities this is something that we all ought to at least think about and plan for how we will handle our “crazy moments” because they WILL happen (some of us more often than others).

What we need is some SOUL CARE.

Yesterday morning I finally decided I had enough of feeling like a crazy lady and I took myself out to breakfast with just a journal and my Bible.  This is one of my favorite ways to recalibrate, slow down, and start skimming off the junk that boils to the top during tough times.  And just so you know, I don’t have rays of light shining down and angels singing around me and I’m not sitting there getting “happy with Jesus”.   Many times I’m yelling, whining, complaining, and pitching the biggest toddler fit on the pages of my journal.  But I’m getting it all out.  Writing in my journal is how I talk to God; and many times it is how I listen.  As I’m writing, thoughts come flowing through my fingers that I know are not my own.  I’ll be led to a verse in the Bible and I’ll ponder on it and learn valuable insights and lessons.

Other times I just sit and enjoy the moment.  Being waited on, eating a yummy meal, and thinking about what I am thankful for.

Either way, I walk away refreshed and with a new perspective.  I am able to more easily let go of whatever has been eating away at me.

I’ve also learned very valuable tips from other people.  Zig Ziglar, Carrie Wilkerson, The Oola guys have all provided great encouragement that have helped me change my perspective so I have fewer Crazy Moments.  One of the most effective and very simple tools that I have found and HIGHLY recommend are positive statements that you speak out-loud every day.  Sounds silly but it works with consistency.  It is no surprise that I had such an insane Crazy Woman-esque few weeks because I had stopped the habit of reminding myself every day of what I am thankful for and the wonderful woman God created me to be.  I stopped speaking positive affirmations into my own life and my perspective was becoming clouded in regards to perceiving others and my circumstances in a mature, healthy manner.

There are many affirmation statements out there that you can use and my favorites are from Zig Ziglar.  However, I found it even more beneficial to write my own.  I had been using Mr. Ziglar’s statements for several weeks but one morning while writing in my journal personalized affirmations just started flowing.  I started reading it OUT-LOUD (this is very important) often, but then I stopped the habit.  This morning I dug up the journal, dusted it off, and started reading it again.  This is a very personal affirmation and not all the statements describe me …YET.  The point is instead of telling ourselves what we are NOT  it’s time to start speaking into our lives those attributes we already have AND want to see in ourselves.  It is especially important because many times other people speak negativity into our life.  If someone speaks a negative attribute over me I add the opposite trait to my affirmation statement (i.e:  mean >>> kind,  impatient >>> patient,  worthless >>>> valuable).

I’d like to finish this blog by sharing my personal affirmation statement with you.  Hopefully it will encourage you and be a catalyst to start your thinking in the direction of what you would like to speak into your life to help you not just HIDE your crazy, but blast it to smithereens!  Feel free to use this for yourself if you want but I really encourage you to develop a personal one.

Laura’s Personal Affirmation Statement

I, Laura, am accepted, loved, and wanted by God.  I am not a failure but victorious.  I am successful in my relationships, business, and personal development.  I am supportive, encouraging, loving, and available to my friends, neighbors, business associates and loved ones.

I am quick to forgive and slow to remember an offense.  My past does not define me and no longer has any hold on my life. I am present in today and look forward to my future.

I, Laura, am confident in the gifts and talents God gave me. I have no worries because no matter where my finances originate from, the Lord is my provider.  God has promised that I will see (and already have) “the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living”.

I will not be overtaken by trials and difficulties but I will rejoice in them as I am blessed because of them.

I, Laura, am intelligent, compassionate, and positive.  I see the good in others and think positive thoughts. I am a good mother and wife. I laugh often and there is always a smile on my face. People are drawn to me because of Jesus in me.

I am sensitive to the needs of others. I am prosperous in all I do and am well-paid for my work.  I have a balanced life. I work hard, play hard, pray hard, live well, love well.  My mind is steadfast, creative, and focused. I am disciplined and decisive.

I am compassionate. I am wise and make good decisions the first time. I have a grateful and appreciative heart. I speak kind words about others and to others. I am not governed by fear but walk and talk with boldness and love.

I am confident in who I am and who my God is. I am stable in all my ways.

I hope this was encouraging to you.  Now get out there and make your day wonderful!



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