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I Don’t Want To Be A Millionaire

August 12, 2014

gethappy-anneToday I was thinking about money. What would it be like to have more.  To be a millionaire.  How would it change my life?  How it would change me. And why does it seem like the people with the most money are the unhappiest?  Just look at any celebrity gossip site and it is clearly obvious that money has not brought any of them lasting happiness, security, and loving relationships.  Seems to me more like addictions, insecurity, drama, and misery…..frankly, I don’t believe their smiles on the red carpet.  I think they are all miserable. I actually feel sorry for them.

Obviously I’m just generalizing.  I’m sure there are some extremely wealthy people who are content, happy, and have the maturity to deal with difficult situations in life without having massive drama.

Either way…I don’t want to be a millionaire. Or billionaire. Or whatever-aire.

Sounds silly for a business owner & entrepreneur to say that.  I mean I’m in business to make money right?  Absolutely!  My #1 goal in my business is to make a financial profit and obviously I would like to pay myself well.  However I’ve decided I don’t want to be the kind of person who keeps filing my life with things and trips, and whatnot, thinking the next purchase or booked vacation will make me happier and keep me happy.  I don’t want to be so consumed and focused on pursuing those things that I foolishly miss life.

I don’t want to be defined by my money.

I was on a walk today among the beautiful Colorado Rockies and I felt so full and grateful. I was thinking about a comment that was made to me yesterday that was like so many I’ve heard before, where people assume I make lots of money being a business owner – or at least SHOULD be.  I think you would be shocked at how little I make right now.  It amounts to a few hundred dollars a month.  It most certainly WON’T stay that way.  I have a goal in my mind of what I want to make but it is a far cry from being a millionaire, but I’m already rich.  I’ve always seen myself that way but I’ve never made more than $21k in a year and that was back in 1995.  Frankly, I don’t even make a fraction of that right now (I know what you are thinking… sheesh … not very impressive.  Why should I listen to her?).

I love my backyard!
I love my backyard! (Bear Creek Park, Colorado Springs)

Depends on what you are looking for.  Want to learn how to be financially prosperous?  Uh, I would be the wrong person to follow.  Want to learn how to be rich and satisfied?  Bingo!  I’m your gal.  I’m really good at making the most of whatever is in front of me.  That’s how I originally got started in business.  With nada. Zilch. Zero.  I actually couldn’t even pay my rent so I started a business with only a determination to pay my bills and not stand in hand-out lines expecting other people to pay my bills. I named my business Living Free International, LLC.  That is still our legal name.  At the time I started it I was at the lowest point in my life in every way:  financially, relationally, emotionally – but I learned that my freedom didn’t come from my circumstances or what other people said or did to me.  (Thursdays I will start sharing my journey from a single mom with no money to a boutique owner.  It’s a great story!)

Why don’t I want to be a Millionaire?

1)  Making lots of money has never been a big motivation for me.  Loving what I do and creating something that works is what motivates me.  2) I never want to get to the point where I’m so focused on money that it controls my life.  3) Wealth can bring a false sense of security.

I’ve learned to be happy and content first.  Do I struggle with this some days? You betcha, but not often.  Do I want to make more money?  Sure. But I don’t ever want to forget where happiness and contentment really come from.  I want to be sure that I never forget that my security lies in Jehovah Jireh (i.e. God My Provider).  If we lose everything (which has happened to me a few times in recent years) I want to be sure that I am still as content as I am with the comfort I have now.

I’m already starting to give myself a SMALL raise in the business and I have appreciated what I can do with that little bit of extra.  It is giving me a taste of what I can do more of.  I do want to make more money and I’m working hard for it.  What I look forward to most when I make more money is the opportunity to say “Yes” more often.  Whether its the opportunity to help a family member, to hop on a plane to visit a friend, to pick up the tab at a restaurant, spend more time traveling and enjoying our world, make that massage appointment, go out with friends more often,  sponsor kids around the world, or not freak out when something breaks down.  If I do say “No” I want it to be because it is a choice I make and not because I can’t say “Yes”.

So it’s not that I don’t EVER want to be a millionaire.  It’s just that if I do make a lot of money I want to have the humility to not change who I am.  If you think about it:

Money makes us more of who we really are so I want to be sure that the “who I really am” is the right “who”.

Money doesn’t change our lives.  We do.  It only magnifies who we really are.  If I can manage the money I have now well and stay out of debt and not be consumed with getting more and more but ready and eager to use whatever provision I receive as God directs in my life, then it won’t matter how much money I make or don’t make.

Proverbs says it best, “Give me neither poverty nor riches; Feed me with the food that is my portion, lest I be full and deny Thee and say, ‘Who is the Lord?’ or lest I be in want and steal and profane the name of my God.” (Prov. 30:8-9)

So I leave you with this parting thought.  Who are you?  What will you do with more money?  I can tell you:  Look at your bank statement and see what you currently do with your money.  That’s what you will choose to do more of.

Toodles for now,


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