We all know the proverbial “The grass is greener on the other side” and almost everyone warns us that it’s not.  That the greener grass is just an illusion.


But today I was wondering – who is willing to admit they jumped the fence to find out if the grass is really greener or not?  Have you jumped the fence? Which fence did you jump?  Here’s a few fences we are all tempted to jump:

  • If only I was married to THAT person. It would be different.
  • Well, I’ll move to XYZ company instead of this one because they have a better product/compensation and THEN I will really do well.
  • If I had an older/younger/more enthusiastic/less talkative/more talkative/etc employee it would be better.
  • If I was a vendor at THAT event then I would do better.  Or if my booth was in THAT location I would have more sales.
  • If my desk was next to the window like hers then I would be able to focus better & be more creative.
  • If the name of my business was different it would bring more people in.
  • If I was across the street/across town I’d have more foot traffic.
  • If our house was bigger we would have room to have people over and we would be happier.
  • I’d get into church more if I went to a different one – they have better music to help me worship.
  • If I file bankruptcy and start with a clean slate it will be different.
  • That protein diet worked for my friend and this one isn’t working for me so I’ll just switch and it’ll be different.

I think you get the idea.  We are faced with “fences” to jump every day.  What about your business?  Are you jumping fences in your business?

I have.

Maybe a few too many times.

I’ve jumped lots of fences personally and professionally hoping to improve my circumstances.  Today I’ve been looking at those fences.  Sometimes it was necessary – but honestly most of them were not.  I know of another business owner who is jumping a big fence right now because they think that truly the grass is greener there and the business will do better.  Frankly, I don’t even see grass on that side of the fence for this person but I could be wrong as I don’t have all the info.  But it has made me reflect on the fences I’ve jumped and why.

I very recently hurdled those pines chasing greener pastures when I made the decision to move my business from one end of town to the other.  It’s still too soon to tell if it was a good decision, but based on the options I had at the time it was the right choice.  However, I’m not sure that it is going to make the difference I thought it would.  I’ve been looking at the numbers and even though my enthusiasm is up (change always brings a short-lived burst of energy and excitement that eventually taper off), my numbers don’t reflect the change that I was certain would happen.

So what is it?  Is the grass (i.e. customers and business opportunity) the same here as where I was before?  Is it really too soon to tell? Was it worth the financial, emotional, & physical investment to make such a leap?

Who knows.  And the fact of the matter is I would have always wondered what would have happened if I had not made that change, and for that reason sometimes I think it is good to jump the fence.  However, this has given me a new found appreciation for looking at a bigger picture before deciding the grass on my side of the fence is unfit – or not of the best quality.  Maybe it is. Maybe it isn’t.

Fact is:  there is a need to constantly be searching for better grass – or more of it.  But I’m not convinced that it is usually just on the “other side”.  You have to search it out and graze your way there.

What are your thoughts?

Here’s to greener pastures,