With a world of knowledge at our fingertips, you and I have access to everything we need for our business. We live in a world of non-stop learning that’s so addictive, we almost need support groups for information-addicted business owners! 🧐

Yet for most of us, in spite of all our learning, we are lacking the understanding we need to improve our lives and businesses. Information isn’t our issue – it’s applying the information.


Personally, my greatest challenge is TMI (too much information). I pile on more and more until I’m over my head in knowledge! I convince myself that one more book, one more course, another FB live video will do the trick and flip on the much-needed “Aha!” moment. But at some point, I have to slow down enough to say, “Pick one thing, ACT on it, and then all that information will start to make a difference.” Because, frankly, I’m so overloaded with “stuff” in my brain that any new information is rolling over me like a bathtub that can’t hold another drop of water. My brain runneth over.

As a result, earlier this year I did something I haven’t ever done before: I picked one course I had purchased and stuck with it until I finished it. (Yea!!)

This was a big deal because in addition to having at least a dozen (or two) of half-read books in my house and stacked next to my bed, I have several unfinished online courses. When I see a new course I automatically think that I NEED IT! LOL. (“Hi. My name is Laura and I’m a courseaholic.”)

But seriously, earlier this summer, I made a commitment to not enroll in any new courses – no matter how great the deal was – until I finished the ones I was already enrolled in.

Boy, that was tough!

[From the Archives:  Drowning In Information ]


To give you an idea of the range of my interests, I’m enrolled in a:

  • Hebrew 101 Course by Bill Cloud
  • Master Journaling by Ben Hardy
  • Intentional Blog Course by Jeff Goins
  • Facebook Massive Strategies by Rachel Miller
  • Copy Cure by Marie Forleo

…and a few others I know I’ve completely forgotten about. (Ooooh…now that I say that I remember paying for a course not too long ago but don’t remember what it is or who it was through! She had a pink website…I think. Ugh. I need to find it and take it.)

That’s the point. I’m a perfect example of Obnoxious Information Overload. I consume information like I’m starving but I’m not ingesting it properly for it to nourish my business, etc. As a result, it’s a waste of time and money.

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.

We read, listen, search, take in more and more and more…but are we actually learning and absorbing? After absorbing, we have to take time to APPLY and practice these things. Just as I was about to buy another course earlier this year, that I couldn’t afford, I realized how much money and time I had already wasted on books and courses that I had not finished. Not a single one. Not to mention, I certainly hadn’t chewed on the information I did glean from them to pull out the lessons I could use to improve my business.

I think we treat information like an all-you-can-eat buffet and snarf down as much as we can as quickly as we can until we’re too stuffed to even move. Instead, perhaps we need to take a few lessons from the cows and settle down to graze and chew on the information, pulling out as much as we can in order to produce good milk. Otherwise, all we get is…well, you get my point!


So here are a few steps I’m taking in my own life and business in order to reign in the out-of-control information wagon I’ve been on for way too long and start learning and applying it:

  1. Pick one course that I have not completed, but already have access to. (TIP: Start with the shortest course).
  2. Re-start from the beginning and complete it within a reasonable amount of time (depending on how long the course is). Taking notes along the way and stopping to DO any instructions.
  3. After taking the full course, review the entire course notes again.
  4. Apply the lessons to things I am working on right now.
  5. Review the course one more time.
  6. Apply some more, until it feels like I’ve established new habits or understanding.
  7. Move to the next unfinished course and repeat. But this time build on the lessons from the previous course(s).
  8. Once all currently owned courses are FINISHED and thoroughly applied, then I can purchase another one.

Are you riding an overloaded information wagon? Why not pull in the reigns for a while, digest some of those fabulous resources and lighten your load. Take that information and build the next steps in your business or personal life. Otherwise, we are simply taking in a bunch of stuff that’s not doing us any good and it’s going to waste.

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