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Micro Business Mentoring


I’m now offering private entrepreneur mentoring (coaching) sessions for

  • the solopreneur (self-employed)
  • those interested in starting a new business

Coaching adds so much value and can catapult you to the next level much faster than if you try to go it alone. Yet, the thought of it can be intimidating if you have never done it before.

Let me get your feet wet in the field of coaching / mentoring. I can offer good insight and then point you in the direction you need to wisely grow your business.

>>In the past, I spent anywhere from $300/hr – $1000/hr for coaching!!<<  ?

In the process, I learned that not all business coaching is the same.

I have such a heart for the smallest of businesses out there, microentrepreneurs. Those who are taking the risk and investing all that they have to see a dream fulfilled.

That’s why I’m offering my micro business mentoring services at a much more affordable rate and focusing on those entrepreneurs who are going it alone. 

[I prefer the term, Mentoring, as it reflects the engaging, personal nature of sharing experiences and knowledge, in addition to the genuine care in the success of another.]


I specialize in three areas of mentoring / coaching:

  1. Starting a new small business
  2. Micro business (i.e. solopreneurs or those businesses with 3 or fewer employees)
  3. Mindset (You can have the best skills in the world, but with the wrong mindset, you’ll be like a hamster in a wheel – going nowhere. I know. That was me until I learned out to cure myself of M.O.T.S.)

Here are some, but not all, of the topics we can cover in our time together:

  • Understanding how our thinking and beliefs impact our business.
  • Building your tribe (i.e. finding your customers); Creating a Customer Avatar
  • The best way to prioritize.
  • Brainstorming revenue stream ideas.
  • Basics of building a website.
  • Creating systems.
  • Making the most of each dollar – i.e. stopping money leaks. (Cash Flow)
  • Business planning / Forecasting
  • Casting vision and follow-through
  • Making sure you have an updated business plan
  • Identifying marketing objectives
  • Social Media strategy
  • Laying out a marketing plan based on your goals within the business and the target market we identify.
  • How to merchandise (if applicable)
  • Good bookkeeping practices.
  • Recommend excellent resources
  • And more…
  • Optional: Faith-based (I do include biblical principles of success because there are so many. For those who may be uncomfortable with this idea, let me know. I have no problem engaging with you where you are at.)


As mentioned before, when I hired private business coaches in the past, it cost me anywhere between $300/hr to $1000/hr!! I am pleased to offer more affordable coaching/mentoring options.

QUICK CONSULT:   25 minutes phone consult.  $30   No followup, notes or recording included.

ONE-TIME COACHING MEETING$175 for 60 minutes. Each coaching session includes a recording of the appointment and follow-up email with a typed summary of meeting points. 

6 SESSIONS, 60 min. each:  $945 (a 10% discount from my hourly rate). Each coaching session includes a recording of the appointment and follow-up email with a typed summary of meeting points. 

24 SESSIONS (6 months) 60 min. per week.  $3360 (a 20% discount from my hourly rate).  Each coaching session includes a recording of the appointment and follow-up email with a typed summary of meeting points. 


  1. All mentoring sessions are done on the phone or via ZOOM (an online video conferencing app).
  2. Sessions through ZOOM are recorded and available for you to keep and refer back to.
  3. We’ll talk about YOU and your particular situation and needs. Everyone is different, each industry is different – that’s why private mentoring is so necessary.
  4. I’ll teach you basic business principles and how to APPLY them to your individual situation.
  5. I do my research on your industry.
  6. I send you a followup email with my take on where you are and what you need to work on in order to move forward.
  7. I’ll suggest helpful resources for you.
  8. As you grow, I’ll even refer you to other coaches who may specialize in something that I do not.
  9. I’ll be your biggest cheerleader in your business and am committed to pray for you!

Ready to get started?! Fill out the form below and let me know which package you are interested in. I’ll get back with you to schedule your first appointment. 

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Questions?  Contact me here and we’ll discuss how we can partner together.