[Here’s an article I wrote for a client.] Are you going to start over in this New Year or how about move forward?!

Wow! 2016 was quite a ride! Some folks are bemoaning how horrible it was, yet, for others, including myself, it was the best year ever. Many can’t wait to press the “reset” button on Dec. 31 and start fresh, while others are enjoying the ride and only want it to continue. Despite the national drama and emotional turmoil of events big and small, how was the year for YOU? Remember, your life is far more than what is being broadcast on the national news.Every single year will be filled with the unexpected: disasters, trauma, worldwide events, political tension, failed business transactions, loss of jobs, death. But every year also has amazing surprises: new opportunities, maturity, breakthroughs, travel, new life, new relationships, the deepening of old ones, reaching goals. The reality is, every year is the same: tragedy & triumph, repeat.

Which leads me to the question: Is it better to mentally restart every Jan.1 or is there more benefit by staying in the momentum of the previous year – good or bad?

Excitement for living comes when we realize that we have a choice to get caught up in the drama of life or to use it as a stepping stone to something better.


Whether you were frustrated with 2016 or loved it, how will you use the momentum of this year to propel you into the next? Tackle this new year as an extension of 2016. Don’t just stop and hit “reset”! Any momentum is good momentum when used to propel us forward.

The momentum I speak of is our emotional & mental momentum. For most of us, we have a tendency to stop at the end of the year, and then wake up the next day and mentally start from scratch. As someone who has done this for decades, my lightening-fast mind finally realized that I wasn’t getting anywhere – in fact, every year looked the same at the core. Like I was running on a hamster wheel.

momentum to get off hamster wheeel

However, the day I decided to mentally jump off the hamster wheel is the day I started making insane progress in life. The key is not to stop and evaluate circumstances, but to keep moving forward and change our thinking.

A reset returns everything to a “default” setting, while momentum pushes forward. Even if you find yourself in a less-than-ideal situation, at least you are not back on “square one”. It is easier to change directions when you have momentum than when you are standing still.


Consider where you are today and be filled with excitement for the new year. Remove the thinking that says, “I’ll start my diet over”, “I’ll start my workout routine over”, “I’ll start a different business”, “I’ll start over with having daily time with God”.  Those two words have a profound impact on how you think.

Instead of telling yourself that you are going to start over, tell yourself that you are going to move forward.

[I am reminded of Thomas Edison. He didn’t start over with a new invention or fascination when he failed at the incandescent light bulb after the first few tries. Edison worked 1.5 years and made over 3000 light bulbs before getting it right. He moved forward using the momentum of his past failures.]


Move forward with your health goals, move forward with your finances, move forward with your relationship with God, move forward with repairing broken relationships, move forward with the dreams and visions that burn in your heart.

Do not despise the days of small beginnings!! (Zech. 4:10) Don’t dig up the seeds you planted in 2016, keep watering!! As things grow in your life you will be able to distinguish between good growth and bad growth (weeds). Dig up the weeds and keep watering that which you have already begun.

I encourage you to remove that mental reset button from your mind and build on the momentum of 2016 to propel you into things you possibly can not imagine for the future.

Remember, YOUR FUTURE MATTERS. What you do today is creating your future. Keep the momentum going!

Source: Momentum Vs. Reset – Your Future Matters