What does your name mean?  Do you know or have you ever thought of it?

My name means “Victorious One”.

I’m a firm believer in the power of the spoken word and I believe that we each have our name for a reason.  So when business,  parenting, relationships, “life”, whatever (a damaged truck) becomes frustrating and challenging I have come to realize that it is important to speak out the good things in the midst of it and remember who I am.  I just usually don’t remember until I’ve had a little fit.

Today I was having another fit because some yay-hoo hit my truck WHILE IT WAS PARKED and was too cowardly to take responsibility so they left the scene; leaving my tail light in the road and a big dent in the side panel and no way for me to know who it was.  I now have spent hours dealing with insurance, filing a police report, making appointments, and then contacting SIX, yes SIX, Enterprise centers to pick up a car, for which I have a reservation, only to be told that not a single one has any cars for me.   [DEEP BREATHS]. (And I was told that one of them had over 500 cars and another had over 300.  But nooooooo.  “No cars for you!” – that’s for Seinfeld fans)  [MORE DEEP BREATHS]  Probably not a big deal on its own but stacked on top of the rest of “life” it made me want to scream.

The damage is hard to see under the thick layers of dirt.
Hit and Run:    WHY do people do this???

Time is more precious than money to me.  So the time I have wasted because of the irresponsibility of another person has really been another challenge for me that I have to admit I am fighting through.  I’m trying to walk in peace in the midst of the chaos.

This is when it is good to have friends.  I am thankful to have several great friends and all of them play an important role in my life and I love them all dearly.  Tonight I called one that is so grounded and reliable.  She shares my name and we have this great bond where we can really hold each other accountable and pull one another up from the “muck” of crappy thinking when we get stuck in it.

We all need those kinds of friends.  Not ones who sympathize in such a way that they jump in and wallow with us in a pool of negativity and self-pity, but one who is willing to come up to the side of the pool, listen for a moment, understand, and then reach out their hand and help you climb out.

(On the bright side, my very dirty truck will now get a much-needed bath PLUS they damaged the same side panel that already has a big yellow scrape (can’t see due to the thick coating of Colorado dust) because this truck chick had a painful lesson in how to navigate downtown roads & alleys. [oops]  )

That is Victory.  Working through your personal muck & yuck and coming out the other side better and wiser – maybe still covered in a bit of the yuck and battle scars, but you got up (maybe several times), kept going, and walked through it to the end.

For me, I am determined to never stay stuck in the Muck & Yuck but to live up to my beautiful God-given name.


~ Victorious One