My Story

Who knew that when I received a journal as a birthday present in 1980 it would ultimately lead to a love a writing! 

When I couldn’t seem to form thoughts into spoken words, I could easily process and articulate those ruminations on paper; even surprising myself at what my fingers could draw out of the depths of my spirit.

I’ve spent years juggling motherhood, homeschooling, and being an entrepreneur…picking up nuggets of wisdom along the way.

Embracing and loving life shows up in a variety of ways, especially in the little things (like realizing that my mug collection is really a scrapbook of adventures).

Each time I learn something new, develop a professional skill, or process through a struggle, I have this urge to share it with anyone who will listen!

And sometimes I just want to talk.

Living beyond mediocrity is my goal and sharing the lessons learned in life is my passion.

Ancora Imparo