We hear it everywhere. ‘It’s COOL to shop small’. It’s touted with big fanfare once a year. We expect a sticker, star, or pat on the back if we shop small. It’s turned into a fad almost. Which has me concerned. Fads are emotionally based and don’t come from the heart and never last very long. Once in awhile we run out and purchase a token item at a local shop to give us warm fuzzies, but then stop at a big discount store and drop thousands upon thousands of dollars every year with them because it’s easy, convenient, and DISCOUNTED.During the gift giving season we don’t even put much thought into our gifts because we automatically assume they will return it and get what they really want. We have lost the art of giving and receiving (that’s another post for another time).

Back to shopping small: I want you to REALLY think about this. It hit me hard today because for the thousandth time I had a solicitor come in my door looking for donations for their charity.


Trust me. You have NO idea. These small charities and your schools rely heavily on the donations that they seek by going door-to-door to the little businesses like me all across your town.

And it’s frustrating because I wouldn’t mind helping and giving, but here’s the rub: If people won’t regularly SHOP (I’m not talking about a token trinket) their local businesses then there isn’t any money to give to these charities and schools.

Even more frustrating is the subconscious thought that small businesses don’t have much to offer. We’ve become accustomed to seeing piles of product stocked to the roof. You walk in a boutique and if it’s not bulging at the seams the assumption is that there isn’t anything there, thus you don’t look. It seems like small businesses and boutiques are here for an entertainment value ( a nice stroll on a pretty day or a place to go with out of town guests) instead of seeing them as a foundation for your community (which they are).

Every few months Rob and I will walk the shopping district I am in and my goal is to purposely find something to purchase. When I go in with that attitude I take the TIME to look, admire, and find the most amazing items! By doing this I have actually put the fun back in shopping. The items that I have found and purchased I wouldn’t have bought normally because I either would have passed right by it from a quick scanning or thought it was pricey compared to Walmart. Instead I found that the items I took the time to purposely hunt out and find have become the items I enjoy and use the MOST.

You can't get this SWEET hand-painted jacket ANYWHERE else.
You can’t get this SWEET hand-painted jacket ANYWHERE else.


Be honest – all that “stuff” you come home with because it was a good price on or on sale. Where is it?? How often have you used it or worn it? Was that gift you purchased for so-and-so used or returned?

I’m not saying the big discount stores don’t have their place – they do. Absolutely. But NOT at the expense of your small, local businesses.

So here is my challenge: When you SHOP SMALL, SHOP – for real. Make it a goal to not leave until you find something. And don’t set a silly budget of $10. SHOP!! If $10 is all you have then fine, but go in there and think: “I am supporting a family directly, I’m supporting that homeless shelter down the street, I’m supporting a historical society, I’m supporting the high school band, I’m providing taxes for my city streets, I’m creating a beautiful place for my community”.

You will find that all of a sudden the most amazing products will appear that you have never noticed before when you were just breezing through.

One-of-a-kind jewelry. No pieces are duplicated.
One-of-a-kind jewelry. No pieces are duplicated.




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