Painting Pictures With Words

September 25, 2017
painting pictures with words

I’ve always admired those with the ability to pick up a brush and recreate the beauty of the world before them. To have what you see with your eyes interpreted and reflected through one’s hands. Even more impressive are the talented men and women who can seamlessly create the same image…with words.


Both types of artistry require a God-given talent along with time and practice to develop the skill. Even so, from my perspective, I have to admit that for the moment, I believe folks able to create an image with a pen of words versus a brush or other medium of colors and stroke, have a much harder task to accomplish. I do not lessen the talent of other artists using mediums such as paint or clay. In my mind, the harder translation is that of describing the color red with words, versus painting the color red.

A true master of words can describe a color without ever mentioning the word. We are able to see within our imaginations all the colors that are not mentioned by name but intricately described in detail so that you “see” the colors in your mind just by the description.

artist painter
Photo by Eddy Klaus on Unsplash


And so few do it well.

For me, to even attempt such an endeavor would be laughable.

At least I used to think so. However, as I grow as a writer, I now challenge myself to become such a master of words through pen and paper, keyboard and screen; daring myself to go where I previously dared even imagine possible.

With each new day and a word I write, God unlocks a little more understanding. He drops words into my ears and heart. Not that He wasn’t whispering them before…I am getting better at listening.


I have yet to practice descriptive, creative writing. I tend to stick more “with the facts, ma’am”; much more straightforward.

However, when I got up to do my daily first-thing-in-the-morning writing, I stopped for a moment to take in the view out my window. I have the most spectacular up-close panorama of the Rocky Mountains from my home. I definitely don’t take it for granted.

On this particular morning, I was especially taken by the early morning light and low-lying clouds over the mountains, and suddenly descriptive words started scrolling across my mind. That’s when it dawned on me that maybe I should stretch myself a bit in writing. My ultimate goal is to be a master with words.

Not good, okay, or even great… a master.

The words that I write should flow beautifully through me from the heart of God, no matter what subject I am writing on. What a joy to be able to so captivate and engage a reader so much that I am communicating on a deeper level – within their soul, touching their spirit.


It is this goal that compels me to practice writing every day.

Photo by Jose Chavez on Unsplash


Just as an athlete or other artist┬áspends hours and hours, foregoing the activities that others call them in to participate, so also, I am committed to writing. They say Larry Bird wasn’t necessarily a fantastic basketball player, except that he was the best at free throws. He practiced hours every morning before school on his free throws. As a result, he is considered the elite within basketball.

So, too, I practice writing every day. First thing in the morning I grab a writing journal and start scribbling away. Today is my first practice at descriptive/creative writing. The link is below..(be kind!)

Morning Clouds

What do you want to master? Are you devoting extra time every day to get better at it?