Whew!  What a year, what a ride!

It’s amusing how at the beginning of every New Year we all have refreshed, eager, renewed hopes and anticipations – including me!  It’s like Jan. 1 washes the slate clean and we get to try again to make this year better than the last.  Then many times we get to the end of the year exhausted, worn out, and disappointed.

For our family this year certainly didn’t come close to what we had expected – in many ways.


  • It was my husband’s first year without his dad.
  • I didn’t come close to reaching my business goals.
  • My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers.
  • Our community had it’s 2nd wildfire in a year’s time.
  • Our community had disastrous floods.
  • I had to lay off my employees.
  • I still didn’t get paid this year.
  • Looked like we were going to have to close our business.
  • I gained 10 pounds. (humpf!)


  • My son has a new sister (from his dad’s side)
  • I started yoga and met some really terrific ladies.
  • Had many wonderful breakfasts, tea, and coffee with my beautiful friends.
  • Spent my anniversary with my husband at Mt. Princeton Hot Springs
  • Made a special trip to Estes Park with my grandparents (the grandma who has Alzheimers)
  • Started a training program with the amazing Carrie Wilkerson (the Barefoot Executive) and met MORE new friends and business peers through her.
  • I was shown favor by many vendors when I was late on my bills.
  • Made time for focused planning time to work ON my business.
  • Despite how bleak things looked in a few areas of my life I did not give up but pressed forward.
  • I discovered I like blogging (I just need to rearrange my schedule to make regular time for it!).


  • God took what I thought was a failure, a complete loss, and gave me an opportunity that I didn’t even imagine.  It was so far off my radar of possibility:  He provided an opportunity to move my store to center of the downtown shopping district of our city – at a price I could afford.  What a blessing!!


If there is one thing that 2013 has taught me is this: PERSEVERANCE AND FAITH.

This year had far more challenges that I thought we would have and it was down-right tough.  On the flip side, what I learned in those challenges was the nugget of gold in the mountains of sand.  I guess I’m saying it was worth it. (Though I would prefer to not learn these lessons the hard way – if you know what I mean).

I had to actually work HARD at not giving up.  >>>How do you work hard at something as abstract as that?

That is where I discovered what perseverance is.  That is where I realized I have just scratched the surface in understanding faith.  That is where I discovered the difference between the “Good, Bad, & Ugly” and the “Great, Abundant, Exceeding”.  I was originally going to title this post as: The Good, Bad, Ugly but then I thought, “why do we always focus on the negative in our lives?”.   Why not “The Great, Abundant, Exceeding”?

I had a huge paradigm shift in my head this year and it made all the difference in 2013 being a tragedy or a victory.  There is a fine line between the two – and that line has everything to do with us and not our circumstances.

[Tomorrow:  Great, Abundant, Exceeding]