Time Blocking Course

Time Blocking Course

After trying several “time management” ideas and reading books, I was frustrated. Everything I read was based on a fixed schedule. As if the dog never threw up or your kids never have an unexpected need.

Or when a client wanted a special task done yesterday or I desperately needed to get away from work to meet a friend for coffee…I would feel guilty or stressed out that I had just ruined my week and wondered how I was going to get all my projects done.

I finally created a time blocking system that works for me. The mom, wife, and entrepreneur whose life is so fluid, I might as well be one of those water and sand sculptures that moves back and forth all day long.

It’s FLEXIBLE and keeps me on track.

And simple. I need simple.

Originally, I created it to help me set boundaries with my time. No more coming up with excuses or taking on more than I can handle (hint…it also creates a sense of urgency for potential clients. 👍 ) And I don’t feel guilty anymore when I have to establish a boundary!

It works for me because:

  • it’s effective at keeping me focused
  • gives me lots of wiggle room for family or client needs that may pop up
  • easy to adjust as needed
  • sets much-needed boundaries
  • gives a CLEAR picture of workflow
  • I know EXACTLY how much work I can take on and when to close my calendar.
  • if someone calls me to meet (for personal or business), my time-blocking calendar tells me in an instant when and if I can.

If you can write on a sticky note, then this system will work for you! 😁

And…at only $15 for the course, I’m pretty sure these tips will save you time – which is the same as money!

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