After years of searching for a system to organize my projects in the middle of a constantly changing schedule, I finally created a time blocking system that works for me:  a mom, wife, and entrepreneur whose life is so fluid it looks more like a wave machine.

It works because:

  • it’s effective at keeping me focused
  • gives me lots of wiggle room for family or client needs that may pop up
  • easy to adjust as needed
  • sets much-needed boundaries
  • gives a CLEAR picture of workflow
  • I know EXACTLY how much work I can take on and when to close my calendar.
  • if someone requests to meet (for personal or business), my time-blocking calendar tells me in an instant when and if I can.

If you can write on a sticky note, then this system will work for you! 😁

And…at only $11 for the course, that’s as much as you would spend at the coffee shop talking to a friend. But more than money, it’ll save you a lot of headache and guilt!

  • CLIENT Microbusiness Masters
  • SERVICE Online Course
  • LINK https://microbusinessmasters.thinkific.com/courses/time-blocking