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Pursuing Jesus IN Business

May 6, 2019
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If it was up to me, I’d spend every moment of my day soaking in the presence of Jesus and blocking out all the drama of the world. After all, it’s when I’m caught up in the worship of my God that I forget the hell outside my front door. The pain, chaos, and division of politics, human trafficking, attacks, abuse, and strained relationships.

While hiding away in my own little worship bubble is terribly enticing, Jesus reminds me that He’s asked me to be a light in this dark world.

The majority of days I struggle with feeling like I have to trade priorities. In other words, if I’m focused on business then I’m giving up pursuing Jesus, and if I’m devoting my attention to the study of the Word and worship of my God, then I’m ignoring my business.

Then there’s still the responsibilities of mom and wife and friend on top of it.

Women are supposed to be really good multi-taskers, but frankly, I’m not nearly as good at it as I thought I was. And I’m not sure that’s a bad thing (but that’s for another blog post!).

But I know that it is possible to pursue Jesus IN my business, not in spite of it. I admit that I haven’t quite found that ideal flow yet. It’s still a trade-off for me, it seems.

Pursuing Jesus OR business?

Obviously, my goal is to be connected enough with the world around me that I can bring the hope found in Jesus into the marketplace. To be the shoulders, hands, and feet of Jesus to others. To be a light that points out of the darkness and to the amazing freedom of the kingdom of God and the intoxicating blessing of intimacy with Jesus.

Yet, it can feel like conducting business and abiding in Christ is a trade-off, not co-existent.

I want to be able to look at my clients and the people I interact with on a daily basis, whether it’s someone doing my nails, or the server at my table -and see the person behind the nail file, apron, or cash register and hear the Spirit tell me how to minister to them. That person who lost their child or parent, or is fighting depression. I should be able to do business with my clients while still intimately connected with all that the Father wants me to do that day. I want to bless my clients with excellent work and I believe that the Lord can and will direct me in how to do that.

Honestly, I struggle thinking that my business can bring glory to God. After all, it doesn’t feel spiritual.

The truth is, if I’m doing all that God has asked me to do, it is spiritual; it does bring glory to my Father!

Additionally, I want to be able to juggle the time I’m giving out in my work or being a light to others with filling myself up in the power and presence of God.

It seems as if I pour myself into work until I realize that I’ve stopped listening to the voice of the Lord and have drifted into doing everything on my own. At that point, I’m usually heading toward a pit of anxiety and stress.

Frustrated and panicked, I drop everything else and dive back into God’s Word and His presence to build myself back up – at the expense of running my business.

It’s an all-or-nothing teeter-totter.

My question to my fellow Kingdom women (and men) out in the marketplace is this: how do you find the balance of staying in tune with the Holy Spirit, plugged into Jesus, all the while conducting your business and meeting the needs of your family? How do you keep yourself filled up so that you can be a bright light and give out to the world around you?

How I Attempt To Pursue Jesus IN my busy-ness

One way I am attempting to create this balance so that I can truly be a Kingdom Woman in the marketplace is to block out the first few hours of my day for devoted study, prayer, and quiet. The goal is to not do any business/work before noon. But that doesn’t always work out as I need to accommodate the needs of my clients.

Another way, that really is the best way I’ve found, is to establish the habit of continually praying. Paul talks about this in his letters. Praying in the Holy Spirit is especially effective. At times, I’ll mutter under my breath, but currently, I’m deliberately practicing praying in the Spirit within my thoughts. It’s not a habit – YET. So, at this time, it takes extra effort and concentration to accomplish. Which means, that I’ll go days without doing it because at some point I became distracted and switch into old habits of pushing forward and forgetting to stay connected with the Holy Spirit.

When this happens, almost always, I realize that I also stopped taking time in the mornings to feed myself on the Word. It goes hand-in-hand with being able to pray in the Spirit continually.

I suppose we really need to think of our time in the study of the Word and prayer as literal food for our spirit and soul. We must partake on a regular basis to keep a balance instead of living on a teeter-totter.

So, to all my entrepreneurs out there…sound off below and tell me what YOU do to integrate pursuing Jesus into the day-to-day call of business and family!

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