A view of Pikes Peak through the natural-cut window of the Siamese Twins rock formation is probably one of the most well-known, and most-often photographed spots in the state. The stunning view can be found in Garden of The Gods, at the westernmost edge of Colorado Springs. The most popular postcards and books of our region feature this one-of-a-kind perspective of our famous mountain – framed by the deep red sandstone of the garden.

So how do you find this exact spot ?

pikes peak through rocks at garden of the gods
Pikes Peak through the “window” of the Siamese Twins. Garden of the Gods

I worked at the Visitor and Nature Center at the entrance to the Garden of the Gods Park many years ago and this image was on everything in our shop from mugs, postcards, books, framed images and apparel. However, I never knew the location of this infamous image until I stumbled upon it by accident during a hike. It was easy to find and very accessible.  (Note: the trail is rough but is simple to navigate). The relative ease of the trail and the beauty of the formations is one of the reasons it is recommended by Hiking Bob, our local trail expert, as one of the top 5 trails to explore when visiting Colorado Springs.

siamese twins garden of the gods

Make your way to parking lot 14 on the west side of the park for the short hike to the famous rock formations. The Siamese Twin trail makes a loop from one end of the parking lot, up to the formation, and back down. If you must be in a hurry, you can do this hike in 15 minutes, but we recommend taking your time and soaking in the sights and smells, and the quiet beauty!

siamese twins trail garden of the gods
Some of the better trail conditions

Even though the trail is fairly easy (there were families with toddlers) it is rough and not for those who have balance issues or need assistance walking.

Perhaps a longer hike is more your style and in that case, you can combine the Siamese Twins trail with the Palmer trail for a wonderful walk over the sandstone boulders and through the fragrant brush oak. Make sure you pack a lunch or snack because there are plenty of spots to spread out on the red rocks and enjoy the view!

Palmer trail marker garden of the gods
A trail marker at the rock formation points the way to a longer hike along the Palmer Trail.
garden of the gods southern view
Perfect picnic spot!

No matter what time of year, if the sun is out it, is a great day to explore the park.  


Special thanks to Bob Falcone, aka HIKING BOB, for the recommendation! If you love hiking then you MUST connect with Bob and check out his new book:


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