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Sweets and Smiles Bakery: You Had Me At Siracha

November 4, 2019

Earlier this year my family and I moved from Colorado Springs to a rural community in southwest Missouri. My husband arrived in Missouri first to start working. It was then that he spotted a little red and white sign off the side of the road reading, “Sweets and Smiles Bakery”. Knowing I love coffee shops […]

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Micro Business | Mindset

Making Money vs. Earning Money

March 4, 2018
making money vs earning money

I’ve heard it said over and over again that one of the greatest habits of successful people is that they are constantly learning; exposing themselves to the books, influences, and teachings of others. For several years I have been deliberately carving time out of my days to learn.

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Featured | Micro Business

Go Ahead…Tell Me I Can’t

January 28, 2018
toy car in mud. motivation

I am hard-pressed to find something that motivates me. For over a decade, I was a part of various direct-selling organizations and I always rolled my eyes when a new contest was announced intended to generate motivation for bigger sales. Sure it would be great to go on a trip, but it didn’t motivate me. […]

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