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A Hard Fall

June 30, 2018
man falling from sky

Several years ago I went to a dinner presentation hosted by a local health practitioner. As someone who enjoys topics on health and is always looking for natural or alternative options, I found it very interesting. His services sounded like the very type of thing I was looking for.

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The Power of Effort

February 21, 2018
the power of effort

Some days I feel like a massive failure. I look at my bank account, hair, body, home, business….everything and then I see what other people are doing in and with their lives and how they look. And I feel seriously lacking in my life. I know I’m not the only one who does this. Every […]

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Painting Pictures With Words

September 25, 2017
painting pictures with words

I’ve always admired those with the ability to pick up a brush and recreate the beauty of the world before them. To have what you see with your eyes interpreted and reflected through one’s hands. Even more impressive are the talented men and women who can seamlessly create the same image…with words. MASTER OF WORDS […]

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What Are You Looking For?

August 28, 2017

One can learn so much from observation. But you can’t talk and observe at the same time… at least effectively. We have to sit back and quietly pay attention to dialogues, diatribes, actions, reactions, etc. In my observations, it occurred to me that we are all looking for something, all the time; but we rarely […]

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