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The Rustic Life

January 6, 2013

(Note:  This post was written December 13 but only now getting published – as you will understand why when you read it!)

Oh to have the life of a magazine.  Perfect home on a perfect ranch near the perfect mountain.  Don’t forget the perfect marriage, perfect kids, perfect hair, and perfect wardrobe.


I enjoy reading about such people and looking through the blogs & magazines but I seriously don’t personally know anyone like that – do you?  Are they for real?  Either way they have it nice making a living from people (like me) who dream of having a life that they are portraying.  My reality is more like this sign:

I love this sign.
I love this sign.

…but you can add one more thing to it “My LIFE isn’t messy…just RUSTIC!”.


Yea, my life is filled with wondering how did the day pass by so quickly and I didn’t get anything done.  My TO-DO list grows every day and the only time it seems like it shrinks is when something has been on there so long I just finally take it off completely. (Shhh.  Don’t Tell.)  I’m the most unorganized homeschooling mom you’ll ever meet.  I’m amazed at how well my son is doing as he is really self-taught.  I’m so busy I usually tell him to go do a math lesson.  I check his work every few weeks instead of every day. I always have a sink of dirty dishes – until my OCD husband comes home and cleans it (yea!).  Look behind the counter in my store and you’ll see the “rustic life” I live.

Today I stood in line at the grocery store in sweat pants, no makeup, frazzled hair, oversized hoodie, talking on the phone to my employee while trying to juggle the groceries in my arms, my son in tow, struggling to get my wallet out – and the cashier obviously frustrated that I couldn’t find my reward card or credit card.  I glanced at the magazines in front of me with the beautiful faces and bodies holding yummy holiday treats – and I felt like a total failure.  I hadn’t spent any time working with my son on his homework.  He has asked me numerous times today to make a Gingerbread House with him.  I heard myself tell him (again) “I can’t.  Mommy has a lot of work to do”.  Today was a day I was supposed to be focused on business planning and catching up on paperwork and web work.

I started to feel overwhelmed and wanted to just cry.  However, as I threw some leftovers on the stove for dinner I realized that I am NOT Superwoman, Wonder Woman, or even one of the Wonder Twins.  I decided to give myself a break.  The reality is that it is impossible for me to accomplish everything that needs to be done.  So, today I have to make some choices:  what am I going to leave undone?

Tonight I decided to spend my time making gingerbread cookies (out of a package) with my son and then do a couple hours of web work  – and I’m OK with what doesn’t get done.  I’m sure there are others who wouldn’t agree with my priorities.  It’s days like these that help me re-prioritize.  Fact is – I’m building this business because my biggest priority is to homeschool and be there for my son.  I can have the satisfaction of building a business while my son is at my side – and he is learning some really awesome life lessons!

So, yes, my life is certainly unorganized, messy, and not even close to perfect – but I enjoy this rustic life.  A life that is raw, rough, ragged – and full of lessons, character building, and adventure!

I say let’s give us all a break at times.  Do everything with a spirit of excellence, the best you can, and if it’s messy and undone at the end of the day – rest well knowing you did your best and sometimes you just can’t do it all and maintain your sanity and relationships!

Have a happy, rustic day!!

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