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Time for some Cowgirl Justice

August 17, 2013

appearingNo one likes to have things taken from them so when I discovered a $200 necklace missing out of my front display window this morning I was upset.  When you are in retail you understand that theft will happen, but every time it has I have been really shaken up.  I feel violated.  It’s very personal for me.  This is my store.  I hand-picked everything in there.  It’s my livelihood.  I’m not some big corporation with no face.  I am a 5-foot nothing ball of fire, wife, passionate home school mom, step mom, sister, daughter, employer, friend, who has busted her butt to build this business and when you take something from me you get the fire in my belly going!

But the story doesn’t end there… a few hours later I received a call from my store manager, and only employee, who was shaken up because two men came in and grabbed a handful of merchandise and took off.  WHAT?!?!  The same day I discovered the missing necklace??  Are you kidding me???!!!!   Now I was fuming, ready to explode mad.  I wanted to get my hands on someone – (but honestly a punching bag was a better idea.  I’ve been talking about getting one.  After today I decided it was no longer a want but a need! I really would rather stay out of trouble so a punching bag would be a good idea to vent my frustrations).

Good news: my manager got great information and descriptions of the men, we had a witness, and a license plate number.  Needless to say it didn’t take long to find their home, or rather Mama’s home (anyone surprised there).  The jerks, uh, rather suspects, were not there so I haven’t retrieved my stolen merchandise but at least we know where they live and this little pistol won’t be giving in.  I’m pretty fired up.  The only thing good I have to say about them is that they have good taste.

The last time a lady tried to rob me I chased her down the street.  I’ve worked too hard to let irresponsible, lazy people take food off my table.  Stealing really chaps my hide.  I was ready to do some of my own “cowgirl justice”, you know what I mean?

Annie Oakley

People who steal want others to do the hard work for them.

My philosophy:  You want to eat?  Work.  Work hard.   You want to play?  Work even harder.  No one is entitled to anything.  No work.  No eat.  No play.   If you are not a widow or an orphan then you just get your little hiney out there and find work.  No excuses.  You got a sob story?  I got one too but I didn’t sit around and feel sorry for myself.  I did whatever I could do to put food on the table for my child and myself and put gas in my car.  I carried my child everywhere while I painted houses, collected items for garage sales, cleaned houses, sold jewelry, sold whatever I could to survive.  Forget about bills, we were trying to get enough for the bare minimum.   Our meals were oatmeal and beans or rice.  A treat was sharing a cheeseburger and fries off the McDonald’s Dollar Menu.  With tax it was $2.14 and I’d give half to my little son and half to me.  That was our SPECIAL dinner.   Ironically it was during that time when I had to literally scrounge around for our basic needs that the first steps for my business now were established.  So don’t tell me you have it tough.  I’ll throw up in your lap.


Anyhew…. in spite of my initial reaction of wanting to hunt down these creeps and lay into them; I calmed down and was able to step back and look at the big picture.  Theft is part of retail and while I don’t have to sit back and let others take advantage of my business I also don’t have to let their foolishness dictate my attitude and alter my ability to enjoy my shop and my day.  Trust me, I will be holding them accountable as much as I am able to – they will NOT be getting away with this.  However, I am not going to live in panic mode and let these morons ruin the experience that my other customers have come to love so much in my store.

As far as the rest of my day went…. well, I didn’t get any work done & I dropped my keys in the big dumpster outside of our condo and I admit I was a bit whiny today …. but I finished the day with a great dinner with my friends from our local shooting club (yes, I really am part of a shooting club!  Annie Oakley and I have more in common than you think!).

Rocky Mountain Tactical Ladies Shooting Club (Colorado Springs)

No matter what keep smiling!  There is always someone else who is having a worse day than you.  Find them, encourage them and you’ll see how blessed you become.

~ Laura

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  1. I agree with everything you’re saying here – I particularly love your line “People who steal want others to do the hard work for them”. That is so true!
    I also love that expression you used “…really chaps my hide”. I’ve never heard it before, it sounds really cowboy (sorry, cowgirl) :-).

    I hope the police catch the nasties and you get your stuff back.

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