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October 19, 2020

Warriors are…warriors.

They wear the blood of the fight and they carry the heavy burdens that the rest of us can not bear.

A warrior sees and does things we cannot fathom.

A warrior gives every ounce of strength, will, fortitude, and love for the sake of those they will never know.

They are rough, messy, hard-to-handle.

Warriors are unpolished, unpretentious, and tough to swallow.

We rarely get to see a warrior in action. Their fighting is in the dark, in the secret places. When a warrior walks among us, we turn our noses and look on with disgust because they smell of pain and the ugliness of life.

Warriors do not act or think like everyone else, yet we expect them to.

We need warriors.

We want our IDEA of warriors but we forget the battle is real, not imaginary. And it is hard and fierce.

To survive, a warrior must be willing to give up everything – including being misunderstood and blamed for destruction. We forget that fights are brutal and there is always damage.

A polished, clean, and beautiful warrior is not a warrior – they are an imposter.

Warriors are aggressive, brash, bold, unfiltered – because that is what they need to survive the fight. The warrior fights not just for their life, but for everyone; even the lives of those who hate and hurl insults.

A warrior is hard and callous on the outside. Yet, being a warrior requires a tender, compassionate heart to respond to the call.

When we consider the calling and purpose of a warrior, we understand their scars. We understand the blood, sweat, and tears. It’s at that point we back away from looking at them in disgust and blaming them for our misery. Slowly, we understand that we’ve turned them into a scapegoat. For they are fighting the battles WE created. Our own apathy, inattentiveness, bitterness, criticisms, judgments, foolishness, disunity, caustic words gave birth to enemies that threaten.

Warriors finish a fight they never started.

They are seen, but unseen. Seen for their messiness. Unseen for the work they’ve really accomplished.

It’s time to notice the warriors around us and humbly cry with gratitude and compassion for they fight for US.