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What is your WHY?

August 4, 2013
It's great being able to go for hikes anytime.
It’s great being able to go for hikes anytime.

WHY do you do what you do?  I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately.  It’s tough being a store owner ANY day so on the days that are challenging what keeps me going?  It’s easy to be excited and enthusiastic when you have good sales and excited customers!  That’s what I call a “WHOOHOO!” day.  (Love those).

Then there is the “UH-OH”, or even the “OH-NO!” days.  We all have them so what do you fall back on?

I seriously would love to hear your answer.

I think finding our “why” and really holding on to it is the key to longevity in being in business for yourself.  (Well, and even for relationships, jobs, etc).  I don’t have a clear-cut answer for myself…yet.  I’m asking this question of myself today.  Things have been slow and steady (which is good, not great, but good) at the store but my drive, my enthusiasm for my business has been waning of late and and I’m wondering why.

And I think it’s because I don’t really know my “WHY”.

My home office view
My home office view

Here are some of my reasons why, I just have to cut through them all and get to the bottom line:

  1. Being an entrepreneur is just in my blood.  I can’t help it.  I am always thinking of new ideas.  It’s like I will go crazy if I don’t do some sort of business.
  2. I enjoy having to use a variety of skills.  I can be creative AND analytical.
  3. I want the flexibility of having different work hours and working from home if I want.  (Those two things are EARNED after putting in your time building a business.  I am just now moving into that flexibility).
  4. Being with my son, educating him, raising him, being there for him.
  5. Having the opportunity to enjoy flexibility in my time to enjoy the Colorado outdoors and pursue extra hobbies.
  6. The thrill of it.
  7. I like the products I sell in my store – a lot.
  8. I enjoy the hunt for great products and artisans.

I could probably go on but even as I was making my list two things have stood out to me that I think are important to pull out:   There are CORE VALUES/PURPOSES for what we do and there are HINDRANCES in our mindsets.

When I made my list it didn’t take long for a couple of “why’s” to jump out and grab me.  They were:

  • My son:  I was a single mom when he was really little and I fought and fought to stay at home with him.  I did odd jobs, I had a direct sales business, I carried him to appointments, we live on the BARE necessities (that is another story), I saw miracles and God provide.  I did not want anyone else raising my son, even my parents.  They helped a lot but I wanted, and still do, to be the primary influence in his life.  I am so grateful that I have been able to be there.  I am a present-parent!
My sweet son
My sweet son
  • The hunt:  It’s like I get goose bumps or pumped up with 10 energy drinks.  I LOVE the hunt for great products and when I find something good I just have to share it with others!  (Man, I get excited just thinking of it!).
A favorite find!
A favorite find!

There was also one thing that I didn’t put on my list and when I was finished it was really noticeable.  I even thought, “should I write it down?” but I didn’t because it felt wrong.  So I had to ask myself why I felt it was wrong.  I won’t name it now, I’m sure you can guess, but I am going to make that another post in and of itself because I think it is really important to identify and address mindsets that can be destructive to ourselves and our businesses.

So let me hear what your “Why” is and how it has impacted your business.  Also, when you are having a tough day, go spend time focusing on your WHY.  It will put a smile on your face and the tough stuff won’t seem as bddad as it will renew your perspective and remind you that it is all worth it.

So, to take my own advice, I’m off to spend time with my son watching his favorite show, “Duck Dynasty”.


~ Laura

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