Micro Business

Where do I start?

December 9, 2014


It feels like a lifetime since I’ve sat down to write.  I’m a world away from where I was less than 2 months ago.

  • I decided to re-brand my business and in a whirlwind we closed down one boutique and opened under a new name and design a few days later.
  • Numerous holiday events (I won’t even try to explain).
  • I lost a dear friend and someone I admired.  He was a firefighter chaplain and the minister that married my husband and I.
  • I took a quick trip to L.A. to visit a long-time and dear friend who suddenly lost her husband.  So young.  We had not seen each other in 8 long years and I think we talked non-stop for the first 2 days just catching up.
  • Another friend notified me of a very probable divorce. Unexpected…yet not in some ways. Either way, heartbreaking to watch all of them go through this.
Aspen Lasso Boutique
Our remodeling is finished!  Rocky Mountain Cowgirl is retired and Aspen Lasso is born…

Thanksgiving was a wisp. I’m not sure I can actually say I celebrated it.  I was in the throws of switching out the store and updating my website.  I believe I looked up from my computer long enough to inhale some turkey and then I went back to work.

Where does the time go?

I’ve put everything in my life on hold to make these major changes and sometimes I wonder if it will ever end.  There is ALWAYS something that seems to demand our full attention and yet rarely is it of any true significance.

Yes. The changes in the store are important to the survival of the business but I always seem to be faced with something totally demanding in the business. It takes precedence over the very things I say are the most important to me.

But, where DO I start – or stop?

You don’t just walk away from a business or a job. Nor is it necessary. We all have to work to live.  The trick is keeping work within it’s proper boundaries so we CAN LIVE.

Like a fire.  It’s good and necessary for warmth and food but must be contained or it will become destructive.  It is in it’s nature to consume and move and grow.  Contained it sustains life.  Many of us have experienced what it does when it is not contained.

I realize that business and life have a delicate balance.  For me it has become consuming like a fire and I don’t like it.  Natural reaction is to blindly snuff it out, but that is not necessary.  It’s simply time to discover what disciplines need to be applied to put the business back within it’s boundaries and to keep it there.

My boundaries are pretty small and confined for now so I know ahead of time that I will not have a big, booming business (at least for now).  Later I may widen my containment when the needs of my family change.

At least today I had the time to reflect on the last 6-8 weeks and get a big picture of what is happening.  I could see that instead of a well-formed, productive business that can bring comfort and sustenance, I have something that is out of control and not productive in any way.

I don’t have the answers but at least I now have a place to start.


Toodles for now!

~ Laura