Breakthrough is a popular word in many circles. We pump each other up and get all excited about our coming breakthrough. Month after month, year after year, more conferences and more speeches and books about Breakthrough. But nothing happens to the majority of people and finally, we get tired of it all.

Do you imagine what your breakthrough will look like when it finally happens?

Does one simply wait for a breakthrough to happen to them? How long is the waiting? It can feel like it’s always just out of reach.

As a business owner, we’re all hungry for that next (or first!) big breakthrough. The one that brings in enough revenue stream enabling us to actually sleep through the night or at least gives us a bit of breathing room.

Too many entrepreneurs are treading water and feeling like they’re about to go under… but somehow we all make it to another day (barely). I know… because I’ve heard many of your stories, have had long discussions over coffee or over a counter – along with my own story and experiences.

It can be so disheartening to scroll through Instagram or Facebook and see our fellow entrepreneurs with smiling faces and all seems well in their world – yet inside you know you’re barely getting by.

Before we look at our fellow business owners and wonder why they are making it and we are struggling, remember that social media, by nature, is full of embellished (fake) news. Not pointing fingers here – we ALL do it! We submit our ideal perception of where we want to be in our venture, not where we really are. I’m not saying that is necessarily bad – until comparison becomes our obsession.

But here’s the GOOD NEWS…it IS possible to BUST THROUGH that invisible wall holding us back. 

In other words, there IS a way to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel and actually REACH it (instead of wondering how long the tunnel is!)

Before I mention what that is, PROMISE YOU WON’T ROLL YOUR EYES and think, “Ugh. I already know this.” Bear with me. I’m not talking to you as one who has all the answers or is pretending she does.

I’m talking to you as one who has gone through years of panic attacks, sleepless nights and throwing pencils or pillows across the room out of frustration because I could never seem to achieve my breakthrough.

So I completely get it.

And after spending years thinking I was the only one and that God didn’t want me to succeed (because I obviously was a huge failure), well… I stopped feeling sorry for myself long enough to realize that I was NOT alone. And, I was able to become teachable enough to learn how to apply concepts and lessons learned over the years but didn’t seem to be working for me at first.

Can you relate?

In the last 6 months, I have experienced the breakdown of fortresses holding me back in my business and relationships. Not because I learned something new but because it finally made sense and I gained understanding with my knowledge.

The way to breakthrough…

in your business – where you have paying customer and clients and you no longer have to choose which bill NOT to pay in order to pay yourself – is through focus.

Okay, don’t run away right now, I promise this is going to be so helpful. Focus is an extremely broad word, but I’m going to take the next 4 weeks to share very specific and practical ways to take focus from an over-used word floating over our head to “aha” moments of revelation designed to propel us forward – one little step at a time. (Make sure you are on my email list!) I am tickled as I see the impact of what I’m learning in my own life and I want so much to share it with you because I want you to succeed!

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – the world needs you. Your business, your flavor, your personality. We need you!

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Please share this with your other entrepreneur friends because 
when we help each other succeed, we all succeed! And want all 
of you to have a breakthrough in your business!!