Time for a Monday morning pep talk.

>>What do you do when you have a bad day in your business?  Or a bad week??

Do a little “WHOHOO!!” dance.

Now that’s not always easy to do.  Usually I pout for a good while and don’t sleep.  Then I redo my cash flow over and over trying to figure out how to accommodate slower-than-planned sales – and all that does is get me frustrated. This time I’ve decided to be thankful and excited instead.  If anything changes at least it will be my attitude and that counts for a lot.

Slow sales times are inevitable and I try to plan for them as much as possible – which is why I am a HUGE advocate for a detailed cash flow plan going at least 3 months out.  (I’ll share more in detail how I use my cash flow & it’s important benefits soon).  But though they are inevitable I still don’t like them.  This last week, for example, take our slowest week in sales since the beginning of our business….now cut that in half.  Yea. Ouch.

Even so I’m excited for today. I’ve decided to not make it a big deal.  Yes, some juggling is in order this week, however I wonder if a lot of our “disasters” and “big deals” are there because we allow it.

So here’s to a WHOHOO! day. Besides, when you have these eyes staring at you begging for some snuggle time well, that’s a pretty good start to the day.

Meet Kealy. Our Bo-Chi. He’s patiently waiting for me to finish writing this blog!