Sometimes our days just don’t go the way we imagine. Lately I haven’t really liked the popular saying of “making lemonade out of lemons”. Not really sure why. Maybe it’s because it still focuses on the lemons (or sour grapes). I prefer to think of it as sour grapes because I can say, “throw some sugar in there, let it ferment, and pour me a glass of wine!”.  (Haha!)

Vino RossoActually, I think I prefer to discard the sour things and find those things that are useful and good in my situation.

Tonight I indulged myself in one of my favorite treats: a bubble bath by candlelight and beautiful music. It’s a way that I can de-stress from the day and think clearly. Tonight I was reflecting on a day that started out with discouraging and frustrating news, an employee I relied heavily on quit without notice and with just a simple note that was left on my counter. Not as big of a deal when you have multiple employees but as a small boutique it is a really big deal. My whole life has to shift unexpectedly and it not only affects my family’s life and what work I can accomplish, but also another family’s life. More than that I was quite sad that this person didn’t have the regard or respect for me to give me at least some notice and/or talk to me in person.

You know, I could have had a huge fit, and I admit that to get this news first thing this morning I had a bit of a pity party, but in the midst of it all I really was quite at peace. I’m still disappointed and I have lots of shuffling to do, but you know, it’s OK.

Back to my bubble bath…. I decided to think about everything I have to be thankful for:

  • I still have a wonderful employee, Christine, who I appreciate very much.  She keeps me organized and the store looking amazing. (You rock, Christine!)
  • A family who always shows up when I need work done at the store (today we were closed for inventory and a work day so they showed up early to move, paint, and clean).  It’s inconvenient, and a lot of work, but they ALWAYS show up. (Thank you Mom, Dad, and Rob).
  • A patient husband who is a huge help around the store and keeps our home organized & neat and is my biggest fan. (Thank You Rob!)
  • A son who rarely grumbles at all the days I drag him to the store or am so busy we don’t get much accomplished.  At least he is an avid learner so homeschooling is a breeze with him as the majority of the time he has to do his lessons without me.
  • I have a terrific landlord, amazing store neighbors, I live in a beautiful & friendly city, tremendous friends, a great church, an amazing coach, and a growing business.
  • I could go on…

I’m not sharing this to have anyone feel sorry or make comments like, “how could she do that!” because reality is we have all done the same thing. I have no animosity or anger.  I cannot judge. We all have been in situations where we made a choice to avoid doing the right thing, either out of embarrassment, fear, guilt – whatever it is.  Instead this is a good lesson for me and you:  1.  Instead of being quick to judge let’s remember that we never have the full story, and 2. In the future, let’s consider our choices and how they impact someone else.  Let’s not run away from conflict ( that is huge for me) or uncomfortable situations.  Instead, let’s consider others first and do the right thing even when it isn’t fun to do it.  Also, it is a good reminder to think about what we are grateful for and have we SHARED that gratitude with others? (Just so you know I am preaching to myself here).指きり

I know these are areas I need to work on.  Let’s work on changing our perspective in difficult situations.  I promise to do my best to do better.  How about a Pinky Promise?

So what has been your most recent frustration?  How can you change your perspective on it?

Here’s to a beautiful week!

~ Laura